Random shots I’ve taken recently. Now that I know how to use my camera phone, I’m a real terror, of course it helps to clean the lens.

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, including my two stylish Yenta neighbors
A basketball player, I think it’s Paul Hill? Here he is signing for the “fans” outside the Four Seasons Hotel 3/2/09

There’s a new grocery store coming to the Logan Square neighborhood. Arch Street Gourmet. They’re hiring too.Looking for Gerard Butler, but found these two cute dogs instead.

Juvenile Justice Center. I walked by yesterday, it’s all gone, but I got this shot 2 weeks ago. Wasn’t it an all male jail?Recently I noticed that the Iroquis has been lit. How ugly and distracting the light boxes are!

Melinda Doolittle was in town for a CD signing and singing. if you want to see a celebrity, you should check out the local bookstores & CD stores for signings.Today I was on my way to hang out with friends in the neighborhood. I passed these cute doggies in the window at the Dog Day Care Center on 11th Street.
I’ve been lazy filling up the calendar but will work on that this weekend.