GERARD BUTLER – Your Daily Gerry FRIDAY 3/27/09

OK Today Gerry went to Parc and was reported to be in a very intense conversation with a women, maybe it was the women he was smooching with last Friday at Strongbox. Smooching you say, Hughe didn;t mention Smooching, well for the commentators that said I was holding back they were right, he was smooching the one girl and then gave the other girl a quick kiss, in succession just like that. Now girls you may be upset, and it might be appalling to you, but this is every guys fantasy. Also since my post on Friday I recieved an email from the women who was in the bar where Gerry joined in singing Happy Birthday to the patron a few weeks ago that I wrote about, remember. Well she sent me a photo of Gerry and his Philly “Girlfriend” lo and behold it is the exact same one that he gave the smooch to last Friday night. So maybe perceptions are off, who knows, or maybe his Philly “Girlfriend” brought her friend along for a night of fun, who knows. Now I did overhear another funny conversation, but that I will be keeping for my wrap up as it was funny. I was out tonight and talked to a few of Gerry’s “Friends”.

Curious: Do you guys go to town on Just Jared, TMZ Or Celebritybitchy where they all have articles on Gerard’s randy behavior with women. I mean he’s slept with Paris Hitlon, Cameron Diaz and Naomi Campbell he’s not exactly a high brow man.

Just found out Gerry will be back next week maybe after going to Dressed to Kilt in NYC (I mean if he’s not going I don’t understand why all his fans are going). He is leaving Philly next Thursday. I thought filming was over, but it isn’t I saw photos and they were out in the neighborhoods today.

Last night Gerry went to D’Angelo’s for dinner, I was tipped off but skipped it as I had to wash my hair.

Someone in the comments sent me a link of a girl Gerry was with in November:

Ding ding ding ding, we may have a winner, that may be the girl he was with at StrongBox…or someone that looked like her

No more bashing me. I reported what I saw last week. I have friends that party with Gerard every single night. I always know what he is doing, and where he is. I have a life and I don’t always have time to chase him down.