The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone PREMIERE – PHILADELPHIA CINEFEST & FILM FESTIVAL Two thumbs Up

Friday night was the much anticipated premiere of The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone Philadelphia Film Festival/Cinefest ’09. Honestly I was not expecting much, I went because it was filmed in Philadelphia and my friend Sarah Doheny was involved and she told me I would enjoy it.
She was right, and in the middle of the movie I twittered to my followers that the next Rocky has been born, but it’s not even fair to compare The Nail to Rocky as dare I say I liked it better than Rocky, and so will your girlfriend. It’s a movie about boxing that even the skittish person will enjoy. The Nail – a drama about a fresh-from-prison former boxer who rebuilds his life while pumping up a bullied teen in South Philly.

William Forsythe with Colleen Hawthorne and Denise Murter; Both of these actresses have appeared in countless films in the Philly area as well as in NYC. Click on their names for their bios. Denise has something that sets her apart from many people and that is she has seen an UFO and the Discovery Channel has done a piece on her last year, and in a few weeks the History Channel will be airing another piece. You can read about her sighting here:

Guest, Tony Luke, William Forsythe, Producer Lynn Eastman-Rossi, Director James Quattrochi and Leo Rossi
Tony Luke Jr and Sarah Doheny who’s company UCANCIT is all about product placement in movies, like The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone. Unfortunately, it’s run at the festival is over, but don’t fret I have heard rumblings that a major studio has picked it up. I kid not, it’s a story that hasn’t been told, and is worth seeing.

A film that you can see is “The Answer Man” starring Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham. Filmed entirely in Philadelphia last summer and premiering at Philadelphia Film Festival/Cinefest ’09 Monday Night at 8:30PM. Jeff Daniels will be here to introduce the film and recieve the

Jeff Daniels – Artistic Achievement Award for Acting Here’s a shot I took of the film set last year at 21st and Delancy Streets