Last week Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingoglia AKA Connie Stevens came to town to premiere a movie based on a period in her life which was somewhat traumatic “Saving Grace B Jones”. Having seen the movie it’s amazing to me that Connie went on to live a fabulous life with a wonderful disposition, which was never fulfilled for two other iconic sex kittens of that time who had less than idea childhood’s ie Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. No Connie conquered the world of music, show business and later in life a hugely successful cosmetic empire.

(Connie pictured here with Thom Cardwell arriving at the premiere of her movie at the Ritz 1; She is so cougarlicious)
Connie Steven was once married to Eddie Fisher and has two daughter’s with him, Tricia Leigh Fisher and Joely Fisher, it is my guess that these flowers were from them. Since I had just met Connie 5 minutes before I felt uncomfortable to ask that question.

I ran over to the Loews Hotel with Carol Tamburino, who has known Connie for over 30 years having met her at a fundraiser at Palumbo’s. I wish I was around when Palumbo’s was happening, that must have been exciting. Two of their friends had come in from NYC, Westminster Dog Breeder Eugene Zaphiris, Connie Stevens, Matthew Stander and Carol Tamburino.
Cast of “Saving grace B Jones” with Gregory James, Melinda chilton, Audrey Wasilewski, Connie Stevens, , Evie louise Thompson, Rylee Fansler arriving at Ritz 1 in Philadelphia. There was a great turn out, but sadly the theater was having a problem with the sound issues, which made the film a tad difficult to understand. (I wish it had premire at the Prince Theater because their sound system was right on target)
PhilaCineFest Board of Director Member Claire Brown-Kohler with Connie and Rylee Fansler who plays the young Connie Stevens.
After the movie Carol Tamburino took the whole gang to Postiano Coast for a celebration. Joining them were Vince and Janet Papale, and later the Geater with the Heater stopped by to say hello to Connie. (I had to leave early to catch the fun at Shut Up & Dance, and hopefully spot Gerard Butler or Jamie Foxx no luck there, but someone I know saw them that night)

The next day it was on to conquer the Prince Theater . I wish someone would rent out this space between festivals and bring back some good old fashion movies, this is the perfect place to catch a flick in comfort. In between seasons the
have cabaret, plays and musicals. If you haven’t been to the Prince then you are missing out.
Connie and the cast take Questions from the audience. Gregory James, Connie Stevens, Evie Louise Thompson, Rylee Fansler and Melinda ChiltonMelinda Chilton gives the 411 to Philadelphia Legend Trudie Haynes.
Longtime fans, Allan Breitenbach, and partner, David Tolley, show Connie the scrapbook he’s been collecting since 1969 of her life (and I thought the Gerard Butler fans were devoted) (If you look closely you will see a photo of Connie & Carol from the Republican Convention Philadelphia 2000; it’s rumored that Connie once dated Sen John McCain, but a fact that they are long time friends. Connie as First Lady, now that might have changed the outcome)
Then it was off to Del Frisco’s for an early dinner. Thanks to Connie & Carol for lunch.

The movie is just amazing, if it wasn’t a true story, it would be too disturbing of a film for me. It tackles the issue of mental instability, starring Tatum O’Neal who will blow you away; it’s a slice of life as Connie says, and she’s right. I hope that you will get a chance to see it.
Connie brought pork sandwiches from oy where are those notes. Well it’s the first place Connie goes to when she gets off the plane.
Carol, Former Union League President Frank and Dottie Giordano , Connie, Jeff and Lisa Klinger

Director of the Phila CineFest Ray Murray, with Connie and guest
And then the hail storm came and I barely said good-bye, but since the Stevens/Fishers will be attending the Tamburino/Thorne nuptials in October at the top secret location that I look forward to breaking, I know where it is but mums the word I am told, I will see her there. I might just have to ask for an autograph something I haven’t done since Tom Cruise 1,000 celebrities ago. There’s still a few more days left to the Film Festival so go and enjoy: