Last night the 5 candidates presented their case to the residents in my condo building. I live in a very politically active building where with each election we have about 85% of voter turn out. Our residents have even stated a Political Action Group called Center City Concern Citizen. Every election we get a nice turn out of politicians courting our voters. The candidates:

Each candidate took turns getting up and sharing their experiences with the audience
and their fellow candidates
who seemed to be tired of hearing the same ‘ole spiel
and at other times enjoyed the stories
It seemed like each of these candidates spent some time working in the DA’s office.
It wasn’t until Dan McCaffery got up acknowledging Steve Lavery (tonights host) and saying that as someone who learned under him at the DA’s office he was able to develop into an excellent prosecutor and everyone on the panel running for DA this year, learned from their skills by watching McCaffery at work. He further stated that Dan McCaffery wasn’t stuck behind a desk, and he doesn’t owe anyone, like some of the others. The room was silent and I think people were a little shocked by that attack, but then again it was ballsy too.
Then he sat down. I was thinking to myself these guys must want to kill him
but it’s politics and all is forgiven as Seth begins his speech
Seth Williams will put prosecutors where crime is and where arrests are processed: in Philadelphia’s 24 police districts and seven detective divisions. With a team of prosecutors assigned to each district and each detective division 24 hours a day, seven days a week, these community prosecutors can connect the dots between offenders, victims and neighborhoods while coordinating their efforts with police to reduce local crime rates.
Then it was Q&A time Dan McCaffery ‘s statement that he believes in a 1yr mandatory sentence for having an illegal gun, well and McCaffery also supports equal rights for everyone including sexual orientation. Also in favor of decriminalization laws.
The most interesting question was form my friend Joan who asked what was the one personality/professional trait each candidate would use to describe themselves:

Dan McElhatton stated that he was glad that Seth Williams & Michael Turner answered this question first so he could have time to think of an answer, which he says is apparently “Honesty”. Professionally he would say he is empathetic. Dan McElhatton, a former City Councilman who was an assistant District Attorney from 1975 to ’78
The candidates are laughing as Dan McCaffery just said that this was the most attractive audience he’s ever spoken in front of and then he said that the personality trait people should remember him by is his honesty too. I was still reeling from the laughter to remember what his professional trait was.
Seth struggled to answer, maybe because he was first and didn’t have the luxury of a few minutes. He finally blurted out motivated and Leadership. Something he didn’t think his boss at the DA’s office had. (Hmm hasn’t he ever heard that you never look good saying negative things about others?)
Brian’s personality trait was that he is independent and jokingly stated that Dan says he has the best hair. (What was interesting was the two Dan’s wore yellow ties, the other three wore maroon striped ties. I wonder if someone wrote the handbook of appealing ties while debating. I did ask a few of my fellow residents which candidate they liked and 4 of them said the guy with the yellow tie. Hmm)
Brian Grady, an assistant district attorney from ’93 to ’98 vowed to fight for the victims of crimes, making sure that there were not continuances and instead speedier trials as to not put the victims through additional pain when testify in a criminal case. “Guns should be illegal period,” said candidate Brian Grady. (I think that is a bit extreme, and would have like to hear him say he supports a mandatory 1 yr jail time for an illegal gun possession, but I understand he was friends with Sergeant Patrick McDonald who was gunned down) He would also like to free up the courts with low-level crime and find alternative punishment for them.

Michael Turner seems like a nice guy, but was a defense attorney. Seems to be a conflict there to me.