LADY GAGA rolls into PHILADELPHIA PHOTOS from Electric Factory

Opening up for LADY GAGA’S Philadelphia shows were two Harvard boys who graduated and became Chester French. Hip Hop DX “When Harvard grads D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey formed Chester French, the heavy Pharrell [click to read] cosign would suggest that their music would hold some degree of an “urban” tinge. Thankfully their debut album Love the Future includes none of that, besides a Star Trak label. Here is a group adored by Hip Hop heads, simply by being themselves – messy haired white boys in khakis and oxford shirts crafting Rock reminiscent of the ‘60s and ‘70s.” Great music, I will be buying their CD.”
As with many of their fans I love the song “She Loves Everybody”, which was played heavily last year on MTV. They did a nice cover of “Love Lockdown”
Great things are coming out of Chicago of late, Obama and this relatively new band The White Tie Affair. Sounding similar to All American Rejects and Fall Out Boy, who ironically were playing down the street at The Festival Pier. Nice cover of Akon’s – Right Now (Na Na Na)

Another great group, perfect for the Lady Gaga bill as this band is easy listening aka late ’60s style music, not rock but music to lay back and party to. It seems to be the rage these days, a door opened by Amy Winehouse. Hopefully none of these folks will fall down the rabbit hole as she did.
Friday night Lady Gaga rolled into town with her “Fame Ball” tour. Lady Gaga may idolize Cyndi Lauper, but she is more likely to be compared to Madonna as she writes her own songs, and style’s it out.
Unique in style, as Madonna and Cyndi were in their heydays, but Cyndi never evolved sticking with her quirky style much too long and was left behind even though she had the better vocals. Lady Gaga may be hot right now, but she would be smart to follow the Madonna model than the Cyndi Model. I do love how she has embraced the Andy Warhol legacy. I am a huge Warhol fan, and have read all the books, and have elements of his style in my life. PhillyChitChat is what Andy Warhol would have done if blogging was around in the 70s when he would attend all the socialite parties, the blow outs at Studio 54 and the private settings of his friends homes. I just prefer to bypass on the drugs, and pissing art phase.
This would have been a much better photo had I not be so uneasy upskirting her. Sometimes I overthink too much between appropriate and inappropriate shooting. What would Andy do? He would have shot the photos and edited later.
It might be best to just watch this video as the bass is a killer

Lady Gaga “LoveGame” Philadelphia Electric Factory 2009

These are a few shots I sent to my agency in NYC
Cheeky. I love my new camera, it’s great for this kind of shooting with a super high ISO.
Hands down my favorite photo. After this shot they rush the photographers out the door and into the street. What I didn’t realize was I had a ticket and I could have stayed. Next time I will be leaving the press box to catch the show, which I listened to outside. Just as great but w/o the visuals. Since I had stayed for the concert I thought I would wait until Lady Gaga would leave, it was only 10:45PM and Patrick Dempsey could wait til 12 until I got to the G lounge
Things were looking promising as Gaga’s luggage came out. The planes tag States: Stefani Germanotta even though Gaga’s full name is Joanne Stefani Angela Germanotta (I guess she includes her confirmation name)
Bam Margara was in the house with his wife Missy, but that didn’t stop this fan from smooching him.It’s ashame Gaga doesn’t allow photographers in to shoot her singing on the piano, now that would be a photo I would like to get.
The White Tie Affair lead singer Chris Wallace. Stil waiting for Gaga, who is having a meet and greet with 50 fans. The first 25 were given yellow bands, for a definite meet & greet, the 2nd group silver for a possible meet and greet. She met with all of them.
Finally after 3 hrs of waiting she emerges. NO PHOTOS PLEASE or she won’t sign for the waiting fans was the statement after I took this photo. The following night in NYC, the paps didn’t put up with the no pixs stuff and she ate it up. Also heard Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were at her show. I did read on Twitter that she thought she was a real talent, and enjoyed the show.
This was taken without flash. I should have just taken a few of these, but thought maybe when she was done the line she would pose. I asked there again and still got a no. I respected that, but in hindsight, I should have just shot her because it took me 30 seconds to ask the question when I should have just taken the photo (even the security was wondering why I didn’t take the photo anyway). She didn’t have a fit when the fans and autograzzi took her photo
and she’s usually not that shy. Check out my agency’s WENN PHOTOS blog It doesn’t matter I am convert now, a huge GaGa fanboy.