On Monday, May 11, The Hamels Foundation, run by Cole Hamels and his wife, Heidi, hosted their first adult carnival and silent auction at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.
Maria Charno and Tracy Seng. Note her new shorter sassy haircut.
The proceeds benefit the foundations efforts to build a school in Malawi, as well as inner-city schools here in Philadelphia. Originally, this had been a private event, but after an abundance of people asked to become involved, the Hamels foundation opened it up to the public. Tickets are still available at this time.
“The $300 donation/ticket included food and drink at the Please Touch Museum and mingle time with Phillies players, Eagles players, a silent auction, the World Series trophy will be there as well,” said Hamels Foundation Executive Assistant Andrea Lydon. “We’ll have fun carnival games, plenty of entertainment, complimentary valet parking, and lots more. It’s going to be a great time, and at the same time it all goes to our efforts here in Philadelphia, and abroad.”
Heidi & Cole thank the guests for coming, and explain a little about where the proceeds will be going. On screens at the 4 corners of the room played photos that Heidi took on her trips to Malawi. At the end of 2007, an estimated 91000 children in Malawi were living with HIV, and over half a million children had been orphaned by AIDS.

Sgt Ray Evers with the Phillies Championship Trophy. I know a lot of you search for Sgt. Ray Evers, he’s single. Just email me your intentions and we will arrange for a hook up, I mean a meeting.
Fun and merriment was had by all. A little Patron anyone?
Sharon Coia, Carol tamburino, Cole Hamels, Jen Utley, Miss Philadelphia 2009, Ryann Richardson. Ryann’s platform is “Raising Awareness of and Combating HIV/AIDS in Young People”, which makes this the perfect place for an appearance by someone that is very concerned with the issue of the Foundation.
According to Dan Gross’ column today: SEN. ARLEN SPECTER and wife Joan dined with Phillies slugger Chase Utley and wife Jen at La Collina (37 Ashland) in Belmont Hills after Sunday’s game. The senator attends most Sunday home games. We’re told Specter and Utley were gracious to fellow diners and said hello to those who approached them. Also dining there Sunday was

Shane Victorino off the singles market as you know, and only a few months away for his wedding to Melissa Smith. According to Dan Gross’ column today: * Shane Victorino took fiancee Melissa, mother of his daughter, Kali’a, out for a Mother’s Day dinner at the Water Works, where they were accompanied Smith by a group of friends.Chef Darryl Harmon sent out seared pineapple, instead of the restaurant’s signature seared watermelon, to the Flyin’ Hawaiian.
Super stylish Phillies Phans – Jen Utley, Nicole Cashman and Heidi Hamels.
Everything runs smoothly with The Cashman Girls in charge.
Christie Honigman is with Cashman & Assocs. firm now; here she is with Krista Guido.
Sharon Coia with her prize winning Chase Utley batting hat, with Carol Tamburino.
Reggie & Melissa Brown enjoy the carousel. I have to say I have been to 4 events at the Please Touch Museum and this is the first time the carousel went partially unused. I think it looks cool to be on it. In fact a few of the Phillies enjoyed a spin or too.
Del Frisco’s Shang Skipper, guest, Philadelphia Style Magazine John Colabelli with Table 31’s Lauren D’Orsio.
Sharon Coia, and Snake Charmer Carol Tamburino
Please Touch Museum’s President Nancy Kolb with Mime
Nice gift bag for the guests, Phillies Hat, a limited edition Cole Hamel Ball, a $100 coupon from Hugo Boss, oh and a missing chocolate bar, I have no idea where that went, I swear maybe.
Cole and Heidi fell in love with Africa on their South African honeymoon in early 2007. They plan to focus the efforts of the Cole Hamels Foundation on rebuilding a school in mountainous, malarial Malawi. To a similar end, Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi, is famously injecting millions into the landlocked nation, which is about the size of Pennsylvania and is located in the continent’s southeast section. It is ravaged by HIV/AIDS, high infant mortality rates, seasonal flooding and deforestation.The Hamels have gotten ideas from Madonna’s direction.”We won’t be able to do what she’s doing,” Heidi said. They will do what they can, and they will do so intimately.