When you think of a football player you might think of Seattle Seahawks Julian Jones
Or Indianapolis Colts Raheem Brock, here at the 5/8/09 Magee Rehabilitation Hospital’s Annual Night of Champions fundraiser which I will be writing about next week.And then there’s Philadelphia Eagles Stewart Bradley
(Who I hear is dating a local girl, who’s not a Mormon she tells me)
When you think of football players, most men don’t lust after the players, but now they will as Philly has a LINGERIE FOOTBALL team and Wired 96.5’s Chio in the Morning side kick G-N Kang has made the cut for the PHILADELPHIA PASSION LINGERIE TEAM, who held their team try outs in Aston yesterday. LFT is where football meets hooters. OK well more like Hooters meets Hooters and a football. Talk about Fantasy Football. In just a few short weeks Mini camp will be in full swing and training camp is in July. Season starts in September and instead of

walking the runway like she did on Tuesday night for the “Women’s Empowerment” to benefit Project Home, G-N will be running plays down the field.

Look for G-N moves like this to hit the field at ‘LFL, Friday Night Football’ at Sovereign Bank Arena starting this fallwhen she ditches this fashionable attire
And her Freddy Kruger outfit
for something like this (Credit:Joe Cavaretta, Sun-Sentinel)
G-N tells me the photos for the team will look more like the above “YIKES! gotta work on my abs!! EEK. My body is beaten to a pulp tonight. It was not easy. It was four hours of football drills, sprints, throws and catches, and scrimmages. About 90 girls tried out. 12 made it.
Philadelphia Passions is the 10th team added (”
With G-N Kang’s hot schedule coming up what’s to become of her side kick Arthur Kade as she had be his trusty confidante for the past several months as he makes his climb to the top
(It’s a shame he didn’t make that high school football team)Is the party over?
Or will G-N introduce the Kade to a fresh crop of 10’s to help end the drought?
I can’t wait to find out. (No wonder Kade did those football videos this weekend.)(And for all of you who have been hitting my blog in the last couple weeks about G-N being single, engaged or married, let me just say for the google gods G-N Kang is SINGLE)

Congratulations G-N I’m excited for you babe.

LINGERIE FOOTBALL TEAM Fans will have only (2) two opportunities to catch their Philadelphia Passion at Sovereign Bank Arena. The Passion will host their home opener against one of the LFL’s most potent offenses when the Miami Caliente come into town on November 6, 2009 and wrap-up their season at home against the Tampa Breeze on December 11, 2009.