CHASE AND JEN UTLEY’S 2nd Annual Utley All-Star Animals Casino Night (with the Phillies)

Last night was the 2nd Annual Utley All-Star Animals Casino Night to benefit the Philadelphia Chapter of the SPCA. Many of the well heeled, sports watching folks attended the $250 person a ticket event. The proceeds benefited the Pennsylvania SPCA. Jaime Apody from ABC6 writes “They’re Philadelphia’s ‘it’ couple (An “IT” couple you say, where have I heard that before?) He is a World Champion on the field and together they’re true champions for animal rights. “I grew up with animals, Jen had some animals growing up, that’s why I’ve always been fond of animals, and years it kind of started when Jen began to volunteer at the SPCA,” Chase said. Jen now serves on the shelter’s board.

Outfielder Stylin’ Jayson Werth of the Philadelphia Phillies, and wifeJulia Werth, Jennifer Utley and Chase UtleyI asked Chase if he had a few of these Bud’s with the Phillies World Series logo at home on a shelf? He said “No, great idea, you know what I’m going to buy a case” (This is Chase’s actually beer [Jen’s water]. Should I have swiped it and sold it on Ebay?)
The ladies were sporting some stylish shoes

The food was done by Feastivities Events ( has created the finest corporate galas, weddings, and social affairs in Philadelphia & Main Line Suburbs, New York City, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region for over twenty years. The menu was vegetarian. Jen Utley is a vegetarian, plus it was an animal event, it’s probably not polite to eat them. (It reminds me of the time I was covering Pam Anderson at a PETA event and the girl from Law & Order showed up (married to football player) in a mink coat. Pam kicked her ass out of there.)Jimmy Rollins is one of the most dapper Phillies, and he and girlfriend Johari Smith will appear in a Playboy fashion feature, most likely in the June issue and on video on Playboy’s Web site. (Chris Cabott of the Center City law office of Lloyd Remick/Zane Management coordinated the Johari Smith & Jimmy Rollins Playboy shoot on behalf of Rollins and Smith. [which would explain why I saw Chris Cabott in the house near Jimmy)
Me trying to capture a candid shot for Michael Klein’s column. (Like 2 weeks ago and the photo I took of Heidi Hamels throwing a baseball in her party dress)Almost a decent candid, but the angle is all wrong. You can see Jayson Werth’s Championship ring fairly clear here, which makes this almost a good shot. There was a table to my left and I was stuck in an odd place unable to move, as it was I missed a few people at the step-up-and-repeat trying to get the candids. When I shoot an event with VIPs, I wear three hats. 1) I shoot for the blog, 2) for my national/international photo agency WENN 3) INQlings and/or other media where they might be interested in a shot.
Philadelphia’s Picnic Company Is Created To Sustain Events in Tough Times
These are food shots from the Festivities Catering Co. I’d like to know what kind of camera was used, I love these shots.

I don’t follow baseball, but does Clay Condrey, always look so damn serious? It’s the Red Carpet Man lighten up? His wife Elizabeth on the other hand, adorable.The Hamel’s so clean and fresh. Seriously these two need to get into commercials they are so squeaky Doris Day and hot. I’d buy a car from them.
This year was even more successful than last year and the room was packed for the Utley event benefiting the PSPCA. Last years event raised over $200,000 for the organization.

Although I didn’t roam around it might be tough for a guy of my size. Did I mention that on June 1, I will begin the NBC10/Fusion Cross Training – Philly’s Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge. That’s right you can see me sweat on TV, then follow my progress here on Philly Chit Chat. We already filmed a segment and it was a laugh a minute, when I wasn’t straining from the pain.
Here’s last years Utley SPCA event. These shots will give you a better idea of how the room was probably set up: