The Beers at Varga Bar. Business is good, bar manager Ian tells me he is going through at least 10 kegs each week. Menu Pages has a good summary of what to eat at the Varga Bar as well as the alcohol Content for the beers They also have carry out, but for the beers on tap you can take home in a Growler. Follow along on Twitter for the daily beer specials @VargaBarA Growler is a vessel in which to take home your micro brewed beverage. The name comes from the late 19th & early 20th century containers from the sound they used to make as the patrons took their fresh beverage home. You can take a half-gallon jug of your favorite draft home with you. The Growlers are $25, beer $20/$25 with refills at the same price.
A few weeks back I photographed the opening of Varga Bar, including one delicious looking burger. Since that time I have wandered back to the entry to lust after the big juicy burger that I photographed. As I embark on my biggest loser challenge I just had to get that burger out of my system, and last night I extinguished that desire that haunted me.

Faithful readers of my blog know that I have embarked on a 10 week quest to get in shape. Today was my weigh in day, and as the program allows one cheat eat meal, well Tuesday dinner was that meal. My friend Carrie Nork, of Cashman & Assocs. joined me for a dinner for two (Three really as she’s almost 7 month pregnant) We started with the Crab Fries. OMG OMG I twittered and Facebook, then rethought it no I don’t want anyone to find out, I will never get a prime table again and have to wait in line for it.

The Crab Fries were so unbelievably gooooood. Not only did Carrie love them, but her baby gave her the biggest kick to date. Everyone had smiles, even at other tables, with joy.
Then came my Kobe Beef Burger with gonzo cheese. Since I had the Crab Fries, I went with a side salad with my burger. (I only ate half the burger sans bun)
Carrie had the ham and cheese on toast. Remember the scene in “When Harry Met Sally”, yes Carrie re-enacted it. She couldn’t say enough adjectives for the sandwich and onion rings.
Just added to the Menu – Bread Pudding and homemade vanilla ice cream (in fact all their ice cream is homemade) I had to tied Carrie down while she bit into this baby. A professed Bread Pudding conisiuer, Carrie wanted to order the entire pot to eat for lunch everyday. It was really good, we both were glad that we didn’t live closer to the Varga Bar because we’d be there everyday. Carrie loved the atmosphere of the place, the fact that the windows opened, and it was in a quaint neighborhood.
Service was just perfect, attentive but not overly so. As it was such a lovely day we were able to sit out on the terrace and enjoy the wonderful view. GM Kristan Delle stopped by our table to make sure everything was fine, and it was more than fine.

This Sunday Varga Bar Opens for Lunch: check out Tuesday’s Philadelphia Magazine Restaurant Club e-newsletter for some great foodie gossip, and a chance to win gift certificates to lunch at Varga Bar!

941 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 627-5200

PS: I should not indulge in another burger for awhile; this morning my weight loss video was on NBC10 at 6:50AM and here for your enjoyment (warning NSFW as you will be laughing at the thought of me eating that burger when I shouldn’t have):