(I apologize in advance for this somewhat incoherent entry, I literally learned at 10PM Thursday that I have to be in NYC Friday morning to pick up my credentials for the Towny Awards on Sunday, so there was a lot to do to prepare for the weekend in the Big Apple)

The first day we go to workout at Fusion Cross Training. Megan looks like what the hell did we get ourselves into?
Gavin goes over the drill with us. Gavin stresses to us that we can do it if we plan to exercise, eat right and rely on each other for support.

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I think he wrote Thursday’s blog entry with me in mind as my stinking thinking holds me back and I sometimes seem to sabotage myself.
This week as some of you may know, I screwed up on my food intake cutting back from my daily 3,000 calories to a more reasonable 1500 to 1800. Keeping a journal does make me more aware of what I am eating and did prevent me from really going overboard.I am a work in progress. For me just keeping track of my food makes me a winner, so often I don’t want to look at my food intake. It’s easier to not correlate brownie to hips, even though we all joke that we know that’s exactly where it’s going:

A few things to alter:
– drop 1 of those French vanilla creamers you don’t need 2
– cheese should be a flavor enhancer topping to something healthier not a snack in itself (4 cheese sticks???, Canollis – are you kidding they have sooo many calories)
– Friday you didn’t sleep at all and so look at the diet that followed – not 1 serving of vegetables that day when 79 are recommended
– Sunday looked pretty great, maybe just more lunch

– Mon/Tue – pretzels and diet coke for breakfast, that is not the breakfast of champions
Tues night – that burger without modifications, and those crab fries. (it’s ok to have 1 cheat meal a week, but those two choices were like eating 5 cheat meals)

Note in this video where they did the spot interviews with everyone, especially me. It was a little comical. (My partner Mike laughs at me because for years I wouldn’t tell him my weight, then I go on “national” TV and tell the world. To me it’s just getting brutally honest because if I don’t do something now health problems are just around the corner. It’s easy to say I’ll take care of them then, but since I see my sister going through the pain of cancer, while over weight, I know I can never tell the future)

My weight stayed the same, which is really disappointing, but also motivating. I know what I need to do, sleep, exercise, journal my food and I am also thinking of finding a program to address my food issues like weight watchers or Overeaters Annonymous.

Maybe someday I might even look like Gavin. My friend photographer Christopher Gabello just shot this of Gavin, owner of Fusion Fitness last week for a promo for The Sporting Club at the Bellevue. He is offering his popular bootcamp program there as well.
I love the two people who say to just cut down the food a little, if it were that simple we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic in our country. Fusion Cross Training is an excellent introduction to a serious workout program, and I have to say it’s fun. I really enjoy it, and I get up at 5AM to do it. That really shocks my friends. I’m in NYC this weekend for the Tony Awards (eating while working as a celebrity photographer is a real challenge as we often wait for hours on the Red Carpet before the celebs even arrive, often the only food around to eat are from the vendors. So follow along on my Twitter account for all my celeb sightings, and my not eating of bagels, cream cheese and lox. Twitter: iphillychitchat

I photographed this Peregrine Falcon today sitting on the roof line of the Ritz-Carlton across the street from City Hall. Is it the male watching over his brood?