Karen Gross entertains the guests at the “A Perfect Fit” held Wednesday, June 3, 20096-9pm at the Park Hyatt of Philadelphia at the Bellevue. Karen will performing her entire cabaret show on JUNE 25 7:30 pm “SEX & THE SINGLE SINGER” DEBUTS AT THE SOCIETY HILL PLAYHOUSE! Society Hill Playhouse, 507 S. 8th St. (between Lombard and South sts.)
Philadelphia PA. You don’t want to miss it, she’s talented and funny.Every year at the Career Wardrobe gala celebrity signed bags are auctioned off. Here’s a bag signed by Andy Reid.
Sheylle Linton Jones, Kerri-Lee Halkett, Paige Wolf, and Michelle Buckman
Media giant Brett Silvers , publisher of Phlare Magazine for women.

Laverne Briggs and Darlene Booker-Jones were clients of the Career Wardrobe last year, and told me the service helped them land jobs and a great friendship.
Paige Wolf, Toby Ann Wolf, Merl Wolf and Lois Steinberg
One of the co-founder’s Abby Siegel and Isabella
Marion Powell, Sherylle Linton Jones, Sen. Larry Farnesse, Where Publisher Laura Burkhardt, and Sheri Cole, Executive Director, The Career Wardrobe

Mayor Michael Nutter’s Change Purse
Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s Purse
Michael S Smith and Nefertiti Jaquez
Thanks to the local newswomen who participated in this years fashion show: Dawn Stensland-Mendte, Fox29, Monique Braxton, NBC10, Jenifer Lewis and Christena Akers of The Career Wardrobe, Mary Stoker-Smith, CBS3, Laurel Woozley of The Career Wardrobe, Michelle Buckman and Sue Serio of Fox 29, Joey Fortman of MyPHL17 and Nefertiti Jaquez of Fox 29. Here Dawn Stensland-Mendte is telling the folks that she’s lost some weight and is now a size 8.
Lori Wilson
Mary Stoker-Smith
The Career Wardrobe is the nation’s largest community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting women in their transition to work by providing professional attire, networking and career skills training. Started by a group of Philadelphia volunteers in 1994, The Career Wardrobe has assisted over 50,000 women to date.

Joey Fortman from MYPHL17 saw me and gave me this great pose. She probably had no idea my photos appear in the paper, but when it happened I knew this was the shot that would be chosen to run.

The Career Wardrobe is a great organization, and is well attended.

Let the live auction begin: Some of the bags are describe here if you click on the link:
Edwina Wyatts-Knowles and Stacy Beckhardt. Stacy was admiring a Bette Midler bag and said she was going to bid on it and win no matter what. I asked, are you a fan. No it’s orange and as you can see by my current bag and glasses I love the color. Sure enough after a vigorous bidding war with a fan, Stacy came out victorious.

The most poignant bag of the night was one signed by Harry Kalas; The Viv Pickle handbag signed by late Phillies broadcasting legend Harry Kalas sold for $2,100 at the auction to benefit the Career Wardrobe.
The winning bidders were Linda and Cleve Corner of West Chester whose purchase price tied the winning bid for another bag by Viv Pickle, aka Susan Murphy, signed by President Bill Clinton. That one was sold to Katherine and Steve Elek, of the Main Line. Career Wardrobe provides workplace attire to professional women who can’t afford it.