Hmm not a big fan of this title until Justin Pizzi told me “Hughe after 10 weeks, you will feel like a 10 because your life is going to be different.” And since he put it that way, my attitude about the title has changed and I know I will feel like a 10 in 10 weeks. I guess like a lot of people my size we don’t feel we can be a 10 when my waist size is about 5x’s that.
But I need to change that my defeatists attitude; thankfully there are people in my life that believe in me and my goal and encourage me to find the motivation to get me there. There’s my family, my partner Mike and coach/owner of Fusion Cross Training Gavin McKay who constantly pushes me, inspires me and encourages me to push myself. All the coaches do, but I do boot camp with Gavin and that 70 minutes is difficult, but Gavin gives us the tools, and the motivation that helps us complete the tasks. Occasionally I get lazy, and fall back into bad habits, which promted this note from Gavin:

” you were not at last night’s boot camp. I have already heard from why you weren’t here this week so I am not looking for any response about that, we’ll leave the past in the past, Boot Camp is when I am doing more of the program stuff (this weeks program including making goals and helping each other with them) so it is important. It is also the weekly check-in and when you get to know the other boot campers and get the social element working to every one’s advantage.

On Tuesday we did an interesting boot camp, which I can not divulge here, but it was that intense workout and the support of my fellow boot campers that really kicked it back into gear again and today I feel renewed and refresh. Unlike other gyms where you are working on your own, but here at Fusion the coaches encourage fraternizing while kicking your ass to get in shape.

When you decide to start exercising and eating healthy, I really think it might be helpful to do it with a friend, and if you can’t find one in your life there’s always the internet. There are a lot of helpful message boards including weight watchers where people just like you are going through this struggle. It really helps to have someone who’s in the struggle with you to support you during those dark days. I do several things, I have partners in fitness, and I have a couple online sites I go to to talk about weight issues and food. I also got a couple books on the issue, one is called “Eat This, not That.” This book has really opened my eyes to the shocking calorie content on some of the food on menus at my favorite restaurants. So this book has really helped me choose the correct meal that is satisfying.
Other motivators in my life are these inspirational signs in the bathroom; my favorite is “Age is a Number, Youth is a Choice”, followed quickly by “Unleash your inner Athlete” then some Karma thing that Perez Hilton should have lived his life by.
(Another Gavin note) IMPORTANT: I want all boot campers to post their outcome goal on the goal board at Fusion (just ask us for a card and marker). Another way to keep it top of mind, by looking at it every time you come to workout! – Hughe’s Goal for this week: I have fallen out of the habit of journaling. This week my goal will be to do it everyday.

I wrote my goal on this board, but also put one on my refrigerator at home to remind me and encourage me everyday. Maybe you should write a goal, put it on your refrigerator. You want people in your life to know your goals; I know they want to support and encourage you. With food and weight we always feel a lot of shame, but we need to embrace it and get over it to put it out there and get it out of our heads. (I should probably clip it to my money, especially when I pull out the wallet to pay for my cheat food pizza, or for my new passion Sweet Ending yogurt, which I seem to have every Tuesday after I do my weigh in at Fusion.)
But for today I’m working through that shame and am putting myself out way out there because I want others to see that you can do it, if I can do it. Especially since I know how you feel, the shame and difficulty of being the size we are. This week I lost another 3lbs, for a total of 10lbs in 4 weeks. Yippee. Very exciting. Now how long til that double chin goes away?
Also this week I will strive to get more than 4 hrs sleep a night. I haven’t gotten that down yet.