Who said Philadelphia never has celebrities. This paparazzi knows that they are here. Most of the times they come in the form of visiting sports teams to do battle with our guys, (here the autograzzi are trying to obtain a graph from a ball player last Friday. Who did the Phillies play?)The folks I’m after are the A Lister’s, the people that I can get published nationally and get a little notice for Philadelphia. Trust me it’s not about the money, unless you get the shot of Britney doing something crazy or video of a celeb punching another one, we are talking $10 – $20, but priceless PR for our City and since I never became the concierge I always wanted to be, this is the next best thing for me to promote the City.

It’s few and far between when a Hayden, Aniston or a Moore swings by the City, but we do get our fair share of celebrities or folks who would be guest stars on The Love Boat if it was still in production. Here’s Leslie Jordan a recognizable face from TV and the movies, at a Happy Hour at Union Trust last week.
He was in town to appear at Plays and Players in “Del Shores The Storyteller: My Sordid Life” with actor/model Jason Dottley. Jason, Leslie and actor/writer/director Del Shores. Get a copy of “Sordid Lives” by Del Shores, you will be ROFL. Stars Olivia Newton John and Rue McCallahan.

Jane Seymour with Jane Golden. I love this photo of them greeting each other at the Wall Ball
Here’s a shot as it was published nationally on this daily entertainment site:

It pays to know the people who patronize our restaurants. Someone tipped me off to Gwen Stefani and No Doubt was eating at Morimoto’s in Old City a few weeks back.

Although this shot didn’t appear in any print media, besides the Inquirer, a shot like this can be placed on many of websites, and blogs across the world giving Morimoto and Philly a good shot of PR.

The latest movie filming in Philadelphia is “The Best and the Brightest” with Neil Patrick Harris, Bonnie Somerville and Amy Sederis. This week it’s been occupying a house on the 2000 block of Spruce Street for filming. I’ve gone by a few times. Last Friday, June 19, I took this shot as well as a gigantic one that was on the cover of the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday, which I will be writing about next week as I was invited on the set to conduct a series of interviews with producers and observe the filming.

Last night Doogie was eating at Audrey Claire’s and probably had a good laugh as I was scouring the sidewalk across the street looking for him. When I finally saw he was right behind me, he quickly walked past me to the set.

Last night he was eating there again, not wanting to disturb him I waited. This time a producer came out to chat, er distract me, and Doogie came out and walked all the way around the block back to the set. That’s just ridiculous, really who does he think he is Tom Cruise, oh wait Tom Cruise would never do that, not only would he come out, but he would tell you his schedule for the rest of the night, he knows the photos I take are for the fans.