Today is Philly Chit Chat’s 2nd Birthday with Pictures from Philadelphia’s July 4th Celebration

Today is Philly Chit Chat’s 2nd Anniversary, and lots of things I want to say come to mind,
but the message I really want to get is thanks. Thanks for your readership and support. In the beginning I set out to do something that I didn’t think was being met here in Philadelphia and that was to feature an expanded “Social Diary” or coverage (my blog was inspired by the NY Social, but covers all society not just high), a photo album of sorts of the people, places, things and especially the Charity Events that I didn’t think were getting written about enough.
Things that people might be interested in talking about, odd sights, people, art, culture etc.

Over the years I worked hard to break stories that I thought were interesting, stories overlooked, events that needed to be seen, stories that needed to be told and other crazy exhausting things that I’ve always been curious about. (I’ve always been curious.)
This is the Ben Franklin “House”. They have a great free movie that fills you in on his life. He was an amazing man who contributed a lot to our country. It’s a must see for all Philadelphian’s and tourist.
Mom on the right, and her BFF, Cheryl, from high school on the left. I gave them a tour of the historic
sights on July 4th.
After mom was tuckered out, I took my niece Kelsey and nephew Dillon out to the party on the parkway. We ran into Mike who went food shopping for our party.
I can’t believe in the two years since I started PCC that my photos appear regularly in Philly Mag, Philly Style and the Inquirer. (and that I had an “On the Scene” column in the Metro for 7 months before it was killed, I wish I could get that back. People are excited to be on PCC, but even more excited to be in the newspaper, and it’s even a better promotional tool for charities)
Like the Sprite/NBA best dunker event on Saturday on the Parkway. The winner got $10,000
I was excited the first year when I received 500 hits a month on my blog, but thanks to Philebrity, Foobooz, The City Paper and others (who I am forgetting to write about at 2:30AM) who picked up an entry here or there that they too thought interesting I got much more exposure. (But those are the three that consistently pick up my entries, and I really appreciate it as well as admire their sites.)
Special Thanks to Cashman & Associates for inviting me out to covering their events from almost the very beginning. Thanks to Philly Style Magazine for giving me carte blache to cover even the tiniest of their events. Thanks to Thom Cardwell for inviting me to cover my first event in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Film Festival (PhilaCinefest now), thanks to Dan Gross for publishing my first photo in a newspaper in March 2007, and for Michael Klein for publishing my photos since Sept 2007 (Every Sunday page b2), thanks to Phyllis Halpern, Greta Greenberger, GPFO, Matthew Vlahos, Laura Burkhart, Mary Patel, Christopher Gabello, Nathan Learner, Gus Calabrese & Brett Silver, all who were really helpful in that first year when I was finding my way (and I know I am missing a lot of others and I appreciate you all too), thanks to all of the PR Firms that have sent me press releases, info and invited me out to cover things. (I know I have been slacking lately updating the calendar, but after adding NBC10/Fusion to my plate it was the tipping point to my free time)
Thanks to my partner Mike who supports this crazy hobby I have. After working all day long as a paralegal, then going to an event for a couple hours, then writing about the event for another couple hours, and only getting about 3 -4 hrs sleep, I don’t have much time to do much else. Mike picks up a lot of the slack so I can live this crazy life.
Thanks to the law firm, Kohn, Swift & Graf where I work; thankfully they know I don’t want to quit to pursue this hobby and allow me to do it by not sending me away anymore on business trips. They support me in everything I do, and are excited too. I think my one boss gets the paper every Sunday just so we can talk about the picture that was published, as I am not allowed to ever say what is going to be in the paper beforehand. That is why some of my events are published a week later than they occurred. Can’t scoop myself. Support the Philadelphia Inquirer. No matter how much news I get online, it can never comprehensive print news.
Thanks to you, my readers for putting up with my rambling. Thanks for reading me, supporting me, for your emails, for your comments, for allowing me to have a voice in Philly. I hope over the past two years I shared something with you that your found interesting, or hopefully inspired you, especially if it caused you to support one of the many charities I have covered.

You like me, you really like me. I was excited when my readership was 500 a month, then it was 500 a day and now it’s 2,000 a day which is just mind blowing. (Thanks to Google for ranking me so high)
If you have been reading PCC for the past 5 weeks, you know that I am participating in the NBC 10/Fusion Cross Training “Be a 10 in 10 Weeks” challenge. It’s been 5 weeks, and well I lost about 10 pounds, learned a lot about the correct way to work out, still learning about how to eat better. But for the next 6 weeks I will be concentrating on this program, and going to events a lot less so I can do workouts twice a day. I will still be writing PCC every day as I have plenty to say, and a dozen events in the can, I just won’t be covering events more than twice a week until the program is over and I won’t be writing after midnight any more. I really need to see if sleep is the answer to the weight thing. So for the next couple weeks it will be short, sweet and to the point, lots of photos not much filler, I think.