TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN or how many Parisian movie set cafe tables fit in a dorm room?

TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN Domestic Total as of Jul. 7, 2009: $305,522,774 in less than a 14 days since it’s release. The reviews are in and they are mixed, but one thing is for sure there are die hard Transformer fans.

Remember last year when they transformed (no pun intended) City Hall into a Parisian cafe for the movie? I was able to sneak in and take a few shots of the set up. They even had a guard to keep watch over the “valuable” scenery.

The next day for filming the cafe looked perfect. It was here that Spring City actor Ted Borodaeff plays a mime in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The bit was shot last year in City Hall’s courtyard, which was done up to look like a sidewalk cafe in France for the action flick. As Kevin Dunn and Julie White, playing the parents of star Shia LaBeouf, dine at a table, a pancaked-pussed Borodaeff pops up to perform. White tells Dunn that mimes freak her out. (To say what happens next would be a spoiler.) (INQlings:
Dreamworks thought well enough of Philadelphia to donate the tables, chairs and umbrellas for our own little outdoor cafe. It was a big hit with the lunchtime crowd. As a big time EBayer, I suggested to someone that we sell off the chairs and put some money into the coffer’s, buy reasonable cafe table’s that weren’t souvenirs and save the rest for a rainy day or something. That person was shocked that I would sell off such treasures and stated there were camera’s to protect against theft.
Well, yesterday when I walked by I noticed something had change, there were less of them and of course I wasn’t surprised a bit. I asked the security guard what had happened to the cafe tables. He told me that out of the original 15 tables and 45 chairs given to the City. 6 tables and a dozen chairs have been stolen and almost every umbrella.
Most of the thefts occurred at night, he said, when the gates to the courtyard are still open, but the courtyard it self is darker. Even locking the tables and chairs together was not a deterrent, and he showed me how to get around it. The umbrellas, surprisingly he said were taken during the day. They were just slid out and carted off. (Perhaps to some dorm down the street?)
So Mr Mayor, let’s just cash out with what we have, buy a few more tables & umbrellas and call it a day.