I just recently discovered how to take photos off my phone, it was very easy. Here are a few shots I’ve taken over the past couple months. I may have posted them to my Facebook page (hugh e dillon) or to twitter (iphillychitchat)The candles on the tables at Union Trust match their wall hangings and light fixtures.
The Philadelphia Parking Authority will give you a ticket even if you leave someone sitting in the passenger seat when you’ve gone in to pick up your Chinese dinner and are in a no parking zone at 3:32PM, which is 2mins after it became that no parking zone because of rush hour.

Inside the Curtis Center at 7th & Walnut
My sister’s non alergenic dog; a Lapadoddle. A cross between a Labrador and poodle. The kids named him DoddleNYC 57th & 7th Ave
Gay Hermit Crab
The only thing left from the Garden State Park Racetrack is the headhouse, but it looks as if they are willing to sacrafice it too. It’s not being maintained.

Hi Hugh,
I just wanted to drop you a line with some info on the car.
We call it “Eagle 1” and it is actually a kit car, which means the body is made out of fiber glass and is a replica of a 1923 Ford Model T Bucket. The fact that it is a kit car means that it has newer technology so it is a lot more manageable to drive on the street today. It was built with a 350 cubic inch Chevrolet engine and a Chevrolet Turbo 350 automatic transmission. It has a lot of horsepower to weight ratio so it is quite fast and it sure helps that it was also equiped with the newer disc type braking system. It took about a year to put it all together and the cost was around $35,000.
I do try to drive it when ever the weather cooperates and it is very easy to drive. Earlier this year when the Eagles were in the playoffs I took it to a lot of the Eagles pep rallies at the Chickies & Pete’s Restaurants. Fox news did quite a few clips with the car and it was on the Fox news quite a few times with Kathy Romano and Jen Frederricks. Jerry kolpan even came to my shop with a camera crew to do a clip and it aired on the Fox news at night. It took about two hours to do the shoot and after editing it actually aired for about 4 minutes. My other claim to fame was I had it on the field for the 75th anniversary game when the Eagles played the Detroit Lions. For the pregame ceremonies Swoop drove the car onto the field and then I got in and drove it back off the field and into the tunnel.
If you have any questions or need any more info feel free to contact me.
I would be more than happy to do any appearances with the car. (For free for charities)
Talk to you soon, John Meo

JimmyStyle allows pets in his store
My aunts farm store on Rt 538 in Elk Twp. Just a hop and a skip of Rt 55
My sister Judy quilts when she receives chemo for her Ovarian Cancer. Aunt Chris on the right, she just had her 76th bday Tuesday. Happy Birthday Aunt Chris. Judy and I are planning to see Bruce Springsteen in Oct. If anyone knows him it would be great to get a backstage pass and say hi. I leave my camera at home.
My mom’s view from her living roomAC Moore sells flags
My friend Marty focusing on a warbler at Tinicum Park – John Heinz
The hallway outside of Red Tettemer Ck out their website monthly, they always seem to have an interesting photo on the front page
My boss has a big umbrella