I’m getting a lot of exercise chasing around the movie making trio around Philadelphia as they are a slippery bunch, even though they love sitting in the window at many of our local restaurants. Today, I went out to the set of the James L Brooks movie the other day, or more specifically where the trailers are kept, to try and get a photo of specifically Reese. This is not Reese, but a honest to goodness paparazzi shot of her assistant. I don’t pride myself on these shots, I like to be out in the open, but I had heard that openness was not the way to go with this production as it’s so top secret including the title.
They’ve hired a lot of top guns. In fact shortly after this picture some of them came over to intimidate me. I mentioned that I just wanted a couple shots of Reese anywhere, anytime and I wouldn’t photograph her til say after the leaves start changing colors after say 9/20. You see no one has gotten a decent shot of her. I’ve plenty of opportunities, but every time I ask she ignores me or turns her back (or it rains, or I am playing miniature golf somewhere in Jersey), I know, I shouldn’t ask anymore.

I also told her bodyguard that she really should take the kids to some of our great museums, especially The Please Touch Museum, The Franklin and The Academy of Natural Sciences. He looked at me perplexed, and I said I would never, ever photograph her kids, or her going to these places. I sincerely wish them a good stay and want to make sure they get to see all Philly has to offer. I should have mentioned Franklin Park too. (Since I hear her assistant reads my blog, Franklin Park for miniature golf, you’ll love it)
This is Reese’s trailer behind 3 fences.
Reese’s trailer. Everyone else has a Hadad trailer, she has a very upscale Movie Makers trailer. Sorta like a double wide deluxe.
These folks really don’t want their photos taken for the press, although I have heard that Reese & especially Paul Rudd have allowed fans/people to take their photos (which is really important in my book). I don’t think I will be going back to the set until perhaps October as all I really got was a mean ass sunburn on my head & this cool shot of the Cira Center. I wouldn’t recommend you going either as it would be a waste of time since no one seems very friendly. They only break for lunch, then it’s back into the armory never to be seen until after work that day. I would look for them to return to shooting in Center City in September as they are scouting locations. Most near City Hall, and as Dan Gross reported at Union Trust Sept 13. I will be in NYC shooting celebs that are more cooperative.This is an extra on the set. A friend of mine is filming this week, and although she’s in full make-up and costume, she has no idea what the scene is and they didn’t even call the extras in on her first day.
Wednesday Night Paul Rudd started off at Morimoto’s (thank you to my Tweepstir); to tell you the truth I wasn’t going to go down there to get his shot. I did tip off a friend who told me Paul closed the place, and posed for photos for him as he walked to his car.

Quite a big difference than Reese, who last week took a cab from the backdoor to the front door and her waiting car. I really don’t understand what the big deal is, they live in LA with paparazzi far more aggressive and unscrupulous than me. I at least try and ask. Now granted those photos I took the other day with her covering her face are not the norm for me. I do regret taking them.
It’s just I really thought that as I bargained with her, see Demi Moore’s shots last year, that she would drop the hands and allow me to get a shot so I wouldn’t bother with her for another month. She must know there are only two of us. I left my surveillance around 11PM and walked home. Around this time I started getting tips that Paul Rudd was at Parc. Hmm really how odd. Then someone tipped me that Owen was there. I still wasn’t interested in going back it was late and I had to process the photos from Jennifer Carroll’s Top Chef Screening Party at 10 Arts. Then at midnight I got the call, two of my favorite Philadelphian’s were at Parc. I hopped in my car and drove back. I though how awesome to get my two favorites in People or Us Mag with Owen Wilson or Paul Rudd. I’m thinking to myself, Owen was probably at the Phillies game with the rest of Philadelphia, since Rudd ate alone at Morimoto’s and now he’s having dinner with the First Lady of Baseball Jen Utley ( Utley’s All Star Animals Charity) and home run king of the night, Chase Utley (I received over 5 tips by the end of the night). Everyone stayed to the bitter end about 1:30AM
For me it was odd to be out there as I know Jen on more than a name basis and well it was just weird to be shooting her, but as a Philly “Paparazzi” and one that gathers news for Philly, it fell within the territory that I know people would report on and I just hoped they didn’t see me as I was a tad embarrassed to be doing this. Another awesome thing was while waiting for a cab Chase was greeted by fans, and he shook their hands as they wished him well. Sometimes I know I am very lucky to get to shoot/witness the things people seem to want to know about.
As for Owen and Paul… There were lots of fan flashes taken inside of Parc, so I mistakenly thought this was going to be my night.

But here’s Owen Wilson leaving, he literally dove in the car from the exit into the open door of his Prius (I’ve seen him do this exit before in NYC @ the nightclub Butter). That’s him in the checkered shirt. I was disgusted with this chain of events, with me trying to get these photos, to questioning why am I trying to get these photos, and I left. I did want to stay for a photo of Paul Rudd, especially since I had already shot his the previous week and he gave me a beautiful shot and I just didn’t want to bother him again. Well that was a mistake as my friend tells me Paul came out 45 minutes later (That part wasn’t the mistake, I would not have wanted to be there another 45 minutes later), Paul’s security guard opened an umbrella, I’ve seen this action before at Jack Nicholson’s trailer when it was located at City Hall. Anyway, when Paul exited his security detail put up an umbrella to block the shot, Paul says to the guy “what are you doing? We don’t need this drama!!” Pushes the umbrella out of the way and let’s the paparazzi get off a few shots.

Paul you’re fucking great the source told me. So Reese & Owen why the drama. These photos aren’t for me they’re for you fans, I’m not getting rich off of them, I am literally taking them so the fans that read about you everyday, see you. If you look on the blogs out there, they are recycling your photos, sometimes purporting them as current like last week when your shiner picture made the rounds again. Please let me get a couple photos and I will leave you alone for a month, I’d like to get some sleep.I did see Cole Hamels (The Hamels Foundation) walking his seriously adorable dog as I walked home about 11PM, so that was cool – LOL Of course when I took my focus off Parc that is when Jen, Chase, Owen & Paul walked into the place, so that sucked since I continued on my way home taking lots of pictures of the night scenes. Oh and I got a sugar free slurpee too. (I was a tiny bit bad as I did point out Cole to a group of 4 girls who had Phillies Jersey’s on. After the initial screams they calmed down and just watched him walk by like I asked) I hear it’s not a rare sight, but to me it was interesting as people have fan sites dedicated to him, wear his jersey and like all celebrities is really just like us. Here he is walking his pooch after work.
I wonder why I keep seeing all those smiling faces of Reese in the glossies week after week, I just want one of them to be from Philadelphia, it’s great PR and well I love getting that for our City.

But, right now I’m not a big fan of what I do right now, I don’t want Owen Wilson to have to dive in his car to avoid a shot from me, or Reese to have to bump into her bodyguard because she cant’ see where she’s going as she covers her face. Philly I might stop seeking these folks out, what do you think? I will always have the stories as folks are kind passing them along to me, thanks.