A tipster wrote me: Little Pete’s in Rittenhouse- he was sitting at the counter with his girlfriend (sic), she was eating french toast! Its not the best pic- but you use if you want! I didn’t have my phone on me or I would have called you!!!

I also saw tony danza working out at Old City Iron Works (3 and race st) on Tuesday at 5pm! Thanks so much for PhillyChitChat and Twitter postings, you always keep me up to date. Just wanted to thank you.According to Dan Gross

Bruce Willis had an omelet at the counter at Little Pete’s (17th & Sansom) around 11:30 this morning. The actor was accompanied by a woman believed to be his wife Emma Heming, though our spy wasn’t sure, and was approached by a customer in the diner who asked if he was Willis. He replied yes. Moments ago, a woman who answered the phone at Little Pete’s declined to confirm Willis’ visit, citing that the restaurant respects the privacy of its customers.

Also you might recall I ran into Little Pete this past week. He’s waiting until the end of September to see what the Stein’s option on Pearl before he makes any decisions on the property.

UPDATE: Bruce didn’t go to the Phillies game. The first tip I got was at 7:30PM saying Bruce was at Parc. I couldn’t go I was at the gym, and I thought well if he’s going to the game he’s not going to be there if I ran over. Wrong, got another tip at 8:30PM, so I started on my way. Got there at 8:45PM and another person told me that he left 5 mins before. She stated that he and his wife Emma Heming, enjoyed some wine and a cheese plate. He also had a gigantic bodyguard with him. His wife had a black top on and boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans I asked, what the heck are they. Tipster said, the kind that you photographed Reese Witherspoon in the other day, blue and holey. OK then. Bruce had grey t-shirt on, jeans, was wearing white athletic socks & flip flops, oh and was grouchy turning down requests for autographs and pictures. The big question is what was he doing in town, and why didn’t I hurry up over there and ask him about Demi Moore’s feud with Perez Hilton posting a ho picture of their daughter Rumor wearing slutty clothing to a party? Although that might have gotten me punched!