Sightings, stories and musings will get you a mention on PhillyChitChat if you like or a photo that I’ve taken of you at an event without my watermark, maybe even an invite to one of the events I go to.

So if you see Reese Witherspoon, or Jayson Werth or Stephen Starr or Mayor Nutter somewhere or you have a pix or story to show I will reward you with a pix, gift bag or maybe take you with me to one of the events I attend.
How adorable is Paul Rudd in this photo? (++Note to self, when getting once in a life time photo with celeb try and keep your eyes open) I just took near the Public Library on Locust St.- across from Rittenhouse Square Park My partner and I were walking our dogs and we had the opportunity to see a full scene with Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd. VERY COOL STUFF. Rudd left his trailer and I got some nice photos of him before he took off in a Lincoln Town car – he said he had to catch a train back to NYC. He was super approachable and amazingly nice to EVERYONE around. I think he is the coolest!

“Photo by Kevin Slattery, recent transplant from San Francisco, novice paparazzi looking for a non-profit marketing jobs in Philadelphia.” (Has extensive research, I googled him)
I met you briefly one night when my partner and I saw Neil Patrick Harris, Amy Sedaris and others at Audrey Claire. You were staking out the house they were filming at on Spruce. We didn’t get a picture of little Doogie either, he wasn’t as friendly as Rudd!

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Also thanks to the multitudes of tipsters regarding Bruce Willis & Demi Moore eating at Parc and around town last weekend; as well as the filming of the Reese Witherspoon movie for the past few weeks. Wednesday and Thursday filming is along 20th Street at Twenty Manning.