Philadelphia City Hall Tour Guide Director Greta Greenberger (Rm 121 – come visit us in Philadelphia some day) called me yesterday to tell me she had about 20 Reid Rosenthal Where Magazines left and wanted to know if any of Reid’s fans would like them. (OK who was the person who bid on the signed magazine (donation to the Ovarian Cancer Walk), I must have accidentally deleted that email:(
The first 20 people that leave a comment/message to Reid (cause he reads my blog, try to keep it PG rated girls) and then email me w/your address at buzz @ phillychitchat (dot) com I will send you the magazine and I will pay the postage.Here’s a gift for youse an unmarked Reid photo. Thanks everyone for all your support this month and your prayers for my sister. Thru this blog it’s been so nice to meet the Reid Rosenthal and Gerard Butler fans, they are such kindred spirits.