Getting a lot of emails and hits on the blog for what was filming last night on the BF Parkway in Philadelphia. Thanks to a tipster that reads my PCC she tipped me off Monday night that they were setting up a filming for Tuesday night. She thought it was just Paul Rudd but lucky me it was Reese Witherspoon too, filming the James L Brooks Untitled movie which used to be called “How do You Know?” (Which I love) (I had to lay on my stomach in the road to get this shot)
It was a reshoot for a scene that was originally filmed in Washington DC. The link to those pictures will be at the end of this entry.
Many of you know that Reese Witherspoon was a slippery one. No matter how I tried I could not get a photo of her. Of course my problem is I always was asking her for a shot. This time I didn’t feel the need too as she was across the parkway. Sony pictures were great and didn’t harass me allowing me to cross this off my bucket list. Filming went late into the night and I caught this shot of Reese yawning. Unfortunately her bodyguard saw me and moved just slight to his left to block the shot, otherwise it would have been more adorable.if you go to Michael Klein’s site you can see a few more of my better photos.
This photo was picked up by (another shot from lying on my stomach)
Ok she’s adorable, I’m in love with her again. Although I will say she didn’t acknowledge the fans across the street that waved and told her how much she loved them. I guess her Hallmark Card comes across the screen.
I hear that Owen Wilson will be coming October 7 to do a few re-shoots. Also filming is now scheduled to go on until November. Maybe I’ll get another Reese Witherspoon shot, but I won’t be trying as hard this time.
Here are the shots from DC of Reese Witherspoon & Paul Rudd