A lot of these shots were taken when I was the only photographer there, or others had gotten their shots and left. I really stay around til I get the shot that I know is just a little special. Then I’m done, really. Then I usually shoot the guests. Often I don’t post the “Gotcha Shots” as I save them for the press (They do go in my Published Folder:). Here’s a chance for you to see them now:

UNION TRUST STEAKHOUSE: Sometimes you just know when you have the right picture, and that was the case with Leslie Jordan enjoying a pre-party at Union Trust before his show Sordid Lives at Plays & Players.
Loews Hotel & The Wall Ball: I love getting the right candid shot. It used to be a breeze, but now it’s a little more challenging as people recognize me now and want to say hit, or wave etc, I usually take a posed shot then tell them to go about what they’re doing. It’s always great when I get a picture that tells the whole story needing only a few additional words. Here’s Jane Seymour, Mural Arts Founder Jane Golden and Chair of Wall Ball Margelle Liss, in front of a pix of a mural in the City.
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts & Phila Magazines Best of Issue: I’m also grateful that many of the news people in the City trust me and allow me into their circles to get the shots that I need. Although most pooh pooh at the thought of being a “Celebrity”, I try and explain that their “Celebrity” helps bring attention to many of the great charities and causes in the City when they make an appearance. So thanks to them. Both Aditi and Adam are looking at someone who had just gotten married and their ring was depicted in the photo. They weren’t quite ready to announce the wedding and I respected that, so I cropped him out.
North Star Bar: One Sunday night my co-workers band Action Park was putting on a show at the North Star. I like to go to see them once and awhile, this night there was a little incentive as “Rescue Me” Mike Lombardi was going on first. When I can get one of those unique shots which kinda come out of the blue, I am so there. I usually go somewhere and then if I think I did a good job catching something unique I send it out to my people. Out of 50 shots, I sent in 10 I knew this would be the shot as it’s a perfect unobstructed full body shot that tells the story I wanted to tell. This photo was also picked up on a national blog. Sadly blogs, even national ones only pay about $5 for photos. Interesting enough even if your photo appears on a blog, it could still be picked up in a magazine.
James L Brooks Untitled Movie: Poor Jack Nicholson. This is one of my best shots, and even though people think Jack’s a stud, the demographic buying audience of the glossies don’t want to see grandfatherly Jack. This photo appeared in Inqlings, but no where else, not even on a blog. Pretty sad.

Lucky Strikes & Jimmy Rollins charity Event: This is one of my all time favorite shots. Who doesn’t want to get a picture with their baseball hero. Just the other day I was telling my bro-in-law of my adventures. He’s a big shot at Microsoft in Charlotte, but acts like a little kids when he talks of his love for his Philly Sports teams, especially Chase Utley or Cole Hamel. So funny.
Katherine McPhee in Us Magazine. This shot was taken last September 08 at the Spring 2009 shows in Bryant Park. This is the first time it’s been published as butterflies became fashionable. The fashion industry sets the next seasons styles. Last week Katherine was in town for a radio appearance, stopped by the Phila Indep Visitor Center, then played in the park with her puppy. I sent the story to Us Magazine, but they didn’t run it. They did run my Jon Goselin story, where he stopped in Philly to party and who he was with. Pg 62 10/26/09 issue. Last night at LAC a women verified who he was with as she ran into him and Jon was staring at the hot blond, and the GF got irritated and said “Com’on”. So fun. (Last month I sent a story regarding Bradley Cooper & Renee Zellwenger which was used in Us Mag & People Mag.)
Marc Jacobs After Party: Lindsay Lohan Ok Mag Online arriving at the Marc Jacobs After Party. Lindsay is one of those rare celebs that will still get published because sadly we are watching a train wreck. Another interesting thing about this photo is it’s taken at night. If you look in many of the glosses most shots are taken during the day as the night shots usually get past on.
Amber Rose. This is backstage at the Nicole Miller show in Bryant Park. Thank you Mary Dougherty, who owns two Nicole Miller stores in the Philadelphia area, for arranging that for me.
Fashion Night Out in NYC: Poor Taylor, if she wasn’t an actress on Gossip Girls I know of a alternative career choice?
Center City Border’s Book Store: Sometimes when I cover an author event at Border’s or Barnes & Noble, I’m the only press there. Someone needs to get the word out and that is why I am going to be putting these events on my PCC calendar, and in the margin of the blog.
Electric Factory: I took a lot of shots the Lady Gaga concert when she was at Electric Factory, but somehow I overlooked this one. The next day when I was preparing the blog I found it. I knew it was something special and submitted it to my agency. The next day it was published in the NY Daily News. Although I have been published in magazines, it’s really a very rare event. I’m competing with NYC, LA and the world to get a shot in, but I’m happy to get exposure for Philly on any blog. I was estatic about Lady Gaga in the NY Daily news, as most often events happen in NYC first and photos taken in Philly don’t move as one of the “working” photographers have taken a similar shot. It’s about seniority more than say a good shot, which is only fair. On the otherhand, a unique shot will always win out.

Dusk, Atlantic City: Nicky Hilton is famous because her sister made a sex video tape. This was a great shot, Lance Bass serenading Nicky Hilton at Dusk Atlantic City for her birthday. It made some blogs, but she’s really not someone that has risen to the level of being published. People were excited to see her, but only if to get that closer to the Paris Hilton mystique. Why else would someone of David Katzenberg status date her. She’s got class. There are some blogs that note that Arthur Kade is in the background of this photo, but later he was invited in the VIP area to party with Nicky & Lance. I have a couple photos of that too.
Morimotto: This photo was never published nationally for two reasons 1) She had just appeared in NYC the night before 2) I submitted it as an exclusive, which is was, but when you do that they sell it for a much higher price (I will no longer submit as exclusives)

Still it was in the Inquirer so I felt that I shared something with the world
Jon Bon Jovi at the Project Home Anniversary Party Sept 2009 at Phila Marriott. Of course I wish it said that on yesterday’s Perez Hilton when this shot appeared, but you never know if a shot will be picked up the day you shoot it or in the future like this one.

Joe Jackson, has come out from under the rock in which he deserved to be under. He probably didn’t get photographed or published as much as he does now. Sometimes I wonder if I should give any PR to despicable people, but I know I have an obligation to do the best job I can. Hopefully he will crawl back under the rock.

Marriott Hotel, Beat 100.3 Music Conference: Legends together. Patti LaBelle & Teddy Pendergrast. I was surprised it wasn’t picked up by more outlets, but most folks probably don’t know who he is. (I don’t think anyone else got this shot. I’m so thrilled I got to share this moment with the world. It’s Philly Soul at it’s best)Reese Witherspoon is cold along the Parkway in Philadelphia. It took me three months to get one decent photo, and now I could care less to shoot her or give her anymore PR.

Parc – I give so much PR to the Starr Restaurants I deserve a discount like the James L Brooks actors get. I had to wait about 3 hrs for this shot. I think that works out to $ .01 an minute. Besides loving what I do, I do it is as I tell my friends “If a tree falls in the Forest does anyone hear it?” No, but if I’m there I’ll get a picture, and you will know it fell. (Some people collect baseball cards, I like to capture something you normally wouldn’t see.)

Paul Rudd is awesome. One of the nicest celebs you will ever meet. Autographs for fans, poses for pictures, is human.