National Lingerie Football team Passions Kick-Off Party at G Lounge

Last week the National Lingerie Football team Passions, had their kickoff party at G – Lounge so I stopped by to help my friend G-N Kang celebrate

Shelly Lashly, Kim Wheat, Jaime Doamons, G-N Kang, Dana Dizillo, Donna Ferry, Tabitha Alexander, Front Row: Cheryle Firweather, Tyrah Linsby
First game:

Sovereign CenterReading, PA
Fri, 10/30/09
09:00 PM

Hacina Saadi and 76ers center Samuel DalembertJohn Bolaris tells me that this is one girl to look out for, she’s gonna be a star – Jenny Butler!!
Donna Ferry and Wired 96.5’s G-N Kang
Kim Storm and Philadelphia Eagles Stewart Bradley enjoy the festivities. No need to start any rumors this as I set this shot up.

Brittany Burkeitt, Stacey Kracher, Chuck Peruto and Monica Devlin

Uri Jacobsen and friends. (Did I mention that note pad was carted off by a young slightly intoxicated women who told me she loved me and well I knew I should have paid better attention to it)
Alyssa Radar a few serious looking dapper friends. Alyssa spent last night at Fox & Hound with Miss Heaton who succeeded in her good luck charm ways as the Phillies brought home a win. Take that warm blooded Dodgers who obviously live a charmed life in the warm California sun.
With his Fame Face on, the serious Arthur Kade, with Mia & Chuck Peruto in The Vault
As I rolled out of there about 1AM the party at G Lounge was still going strong.