JimmyStyle “Artist of the Month” is Zachariah O’Hora

JimmyStyles 1820 East Passyunk Ave October “Artist of the Month” is Zachariah O’Hora, whose fanciful, wood-cut inspired illustrations grace everything from T-shirts and magazines to posters and bags. His latest project: a zipper pouch for BlueQ.
Zachariah OHora is an award winning illustrator, painter, and children’s book illustrator and author. His work has been featured in various magazines, newspapers, advertisements and on packaging, album covers and posters around the world.
A resident of Philadelphia, he has lived and worked in San Francisco, New York and Berlin. His recent body of work is themed around roadtrips. It is inspired by people and places that he has encountered from a cross-country hitchhiking roadtrip in his teens to trainhopping in Europe.

JimmyStyle is carrying new items. How much is that giraffe?Sometimes I get buried under my disorganization and misplace my pad. Thankfully I know Jimmy and he will help me with these names. Arianna Neromiliotis and Ricardo Maldonado Christian DiCiccio & Diane Johnson. Christian just hosted a successful fundraiser of the Victim/Witness Services of South Philly, which would be adorning these pages if I could have found a parking spot in South Philly that could have contained my SUV.
Jimmy has good penmanship
Zelinda, Zach, Zara and Zade brother, sisters & niece

The very married Zachariah has been to the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Opening night was very successful and over 5 pictures were sold.I love these jars, and vases that JimmyStyle carries now.
Will Klein and Fred Kogan
A nice turnout
Isabella Pizza provided the delicious food & Stromboli
Viann Gubatosi, Diane Lucidi, Joe Didio
Either Christian is going to be a doctor for Halloween, or …
Aly Green and Matt Vlahos team up for a photo
The Patrick Swayze Memorial corner.
The next big event for JimmyStyle will be a book signing by Philly-based writer and stylist Kayte Terry’s second book, “Appliqué Your Way,” is being released this month by Chronicle Books. on Saturday, Nov. 7 as well as teaching a workshop. The book signing is free, but there will be a charge for materials for the workshop. Space is limited.