A few weeks back my friends David & Colleen were married at St Francis Xavier in Fairmount.

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Colleen is my sister Crista’s BFF growing up in Cherry Hill. I remember driving those two crazy girls to and from elementary school, to the mall and eventually to clubs. When they were both in their late 20s they thought it would be fun if they moved closer to me, so for a couple years we all lived at the Philadelphian. When they were both married they didn’t have to go far to find a church to be married in as St. Frannie’s was right next door. Now they have both left me, and I’m sad, but I have great memories of all our good times together.
The Rehearsal Dinner was held at the Fairmount Boathouse along the Schuykill RiverColleen, Dave Her mom (where’s dad), sisters Karen & Maureen and nieces.
My favorite picture from that evening
The next day the trolley arrived at the church as the bag pipper was playing “When Irish Eyes are Smiling.”I’m not the wedding photographer, I don’t do weddings, but I do wedding photography gifts if I’m invited. I like to take the photos that aren’t the “canned” shots that you are expecting from the photographer you hire. (The canned shots are important)My favorite photo of the day. A day that went off without a snag
except one when the dress was caught on the church doors leading to the Alter.

You should have a Maid of Honor that is so attentive. Karen made sure Colleen’s dress laid perfectly for every shot.
Husband & Wife

The Philadelphian & St. Frannie’sBride & Groom’s first dance
Through the Years is playing for Dad & Colleen
When you get this many Irish together, it only means one thing, one wild & crazy wedding reception. Keep that in mind.The dance floor opened before dinner
and continued into OT for the band for 5 hrs
My sister Janine, Bro in laws Tom DeFeo and Michael Bateman (Crista)
There were some crazy moves that night
Super Freak, Super Freak that girls a super freak

I don’t think this is the Hustle
Or the Electric Slide If you wanna ride Don´t ride the white horse If you wanna ride Don´t ride the white horse
Maybe the cutting of the cake will go better
nope, why should it…
aaahhhhhhh (Dave’s Italian, they’re a little more laid back)
Then Uncle wrote a song for the happy couple
it was dead on funny and sweet. I’ll look for it on Youtube.

Me, two of my sisters (I have 5), Crista, Mom and Janine (Mike took this picture, I forgot his pix)Congratulations Dave & Colleen, I’ll miss you both but know I will see you soon. Love Hughe