Seth Williams for Philadelphia District Attorney’s Débutante on Delancey

Last Wednesday night, on Philadelphia’s tony street of Delancey, Kelly Boyd had a shindig for Seth Williams and a few of the well heeled, politically connected of the City. Now I feel I must mention that just because someone was at this party does not mean they are supporting Seth Williams, but they were willing to hear what he had to say.Always on the scene at a Boyd party, and stylishly walking around town you will find Julia Somers-Morley. Julia really is one of the last old school classy ladies topped off with a fancy hat. With her is Tuesday Gordon-Gaines; stylish in her own right, no doubt decked out in Joan Shepp where she has worked for many years.
Also on hand entertainment lawyer George Bochetto, Project H.O.M.E.S. Sr. Mary Scullion, guest and our hostess Kelly Boyd.
Kelly welcomes Geni Klein, who happens to be my neighbor and a republican. Good to see she’s open to the message no matter which party it comes from.
Kelly, Sen. Larry Farnese, DA Candidate Seth Williams and Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds-Brown, who just celebrated her birthday the week before. It escapes me buy she had a weekend of entertainment via her staff, said it was one of her best.
Defense Attorney Chuck Peruto, and Lt. Governor Candidate Jonathan Saidel.
Politically connected, Stradley Ronon’s Herb Vederman, and former political writer, now movie producer Mary Patel. Mary’s been MIA the last few months and I asked her why. She’s been dating, planning a big move to LA and getting married in February.

Maybe a dress from Adresse a dress boutique located at 1706 Locust St. in Rittenhouse, but definitely a ring from Rittenhouse Square’s Kate Egan-Day, of Egan Day Jewelers and
Stefani Lutzo of Adresse
Robert Ambrosi (partner in the development company, ARCWheeler, the company that built 10 Rittenhouse), Beth Dunn, author of Social Climbers, Marc Perel, ARCWheeler, socialite Kelly Boyd. Look for 10 Rittenhouse to have it’s ribbon cutting on 11/10/09 at 10AM. (They tried for 10/10/10, but the timing didn’t work out. Did you know PCC was born 07/07/07)
Jimi Milligan doing the solo saxophone, but also with
and pianist
Caterers James Enright and Dan Hoban, both have extensive experience, can prepare diverse menus depending on what the hosts want. I enjoyed their chicken Satay and Scallops wrapped in bacon.
Matt McClure, Karen Lewis, Executive Director of the Avenue of the Arts, Inc. Karen tells me that 84 new contemporary planters will be installed to replace the ones destroyed in last years Phillie World Series Riot. They will donate the 20 that are still intact to another agency. As long as the World Series is over and the parades are finished look for the placement and dedication to be on 11/9/09, John Hawkins, S. R. Wojdak & Associates and Dave Maser.
Maria Quattrone, Andi Pesacov, VP Michael Salove Company, and Kelly Boyd pinky promise to a bright future. Midpoint thru the evening Seth Williams addressed the crowd laying out his political platform. The main points I heard was that murder in this City is out of control, and he wants to assign DA’s to certain neighborhoods, and then for future cases the same DA’s will be in charge of the cases that come out of those neighborhoods. He want’s to focus on the most dangerous criminals, get guns off the street, reduce plea bargains, hear drug cases in drug court, but for all of his platforms listen read this
Jonathan Saidel, the former city controller is running for Lieutenant Governor. In 2010. Seth Williams, and the Co-Chairs of the event Kelly Boyd, and Pat Hogan. Jonathan whole heartily supports the democratic party, and Seth Williams.