Almost two weeks ago the Philadelphia Film Festival had their Opening Night at the Prince Theater. The Opening Night Film was shot right here in Philadelphia, and if you are a long time reader of PhillyChitChat, then you know I shot them filming this movie every chance I had. So I was excited that F Gary Gray lived up to his promise and held a screening of the film here in Philly. Law Abiding Citizen is a thriller about a brilliant sociopath who orchestrates a series of high-profile murders that grip the city of Philadelphia – all from inside his jail cell – and the prosecutor assigned to his case who realizes he is the only one who can end the reign of terror. Written by Overture Films

Bruce McGill and wife Gloria Lee
Regina Hall walks the red carpet in her sizzling flashy dress
Laurel Bryce, who didn’t appear in LAC, but attended to support a friend, is currently filming a movie, The Fields with Cloris Leachman & Tara Reid.
I’ve explained before that sometimes I get behind on entry’s as I wait until pictures might have a chance to be picked up by the local press. In this case a story and picture was picked up by both Dan Gross’ column

and Michael Klein’s column.
I didn’t have a chance to see the film as I had to race down to Front Street to cover another event. But I made it back by 9PM and the after party for the movie at Del Frisco’s. Now I have to admit I kept getting mixed messages all week from tipsters, and other people that Gerard Butler was going to try and make it to the AP, but in the end he didn’t appear. But there were still plenty of people to be excited about.

The brains behind the new packaged Philadelphia Film Festival, Program Director Michael Lerman, Executive Director / CEO at Philadelphia Film Society Andrew Greenblatt and wife Pam Greenblatt
Jennifer Rampersalid, Emerald-Angel Young, Gary Young. In the film, Emerald plays the role of Denise Rice, the daughter of Nick Rice(actor Jamie Foxx) and Kelly Rice(actress Regina Hall) Thus far, the young actress has starred in a number of commercials, television roles, and theater roles. To learn more about Emerald, head to her website
Producer Andrew Laquintano, LAC actors Reno Laquintano and local actress Brooke Stacey Mills. Brooke plays Gerard Butler’s wife. Reno Laquintano plays Gerard’s cell mate.
Jay and Janet Osterholm chatting with LAC Director F Gary Grey at Del Frisco’s
Susan & Jay Miller enjoyed the movie, saying it was an on the edge of your seat thriller.
Eileen Kennedy, Robert Heim, Mark Dichter, Tobey Dichter, Virginia Kimmel
Carolyn Johnson and Joe Ballard
Del Frisco’s GM Shang Skipper and ABC6’s Kristie Gonzales dressed to the nines. Kristie is loving her new digs at Channel 6 and her lightfilled office. What’s not to like at Shang’s place of work, yum steak.
Erin Pusz and RJ Cacciutti. Crazy duo, opposites attract. RJ just got back from Octoberfest in Germany. I think he will like Beer Week in Philly, which I hear has been moved to June 2010
Olympic Gold Medalist Felix Sanchez and Actress Regina Hall. Felix tells me that on their way to the airport the next day, they will be stopping by Tony Luke’s for a bite to eat. When Regina was here she had a Geno’s Cheesesteak and loved the wiz wit. Hopefully this weekend I will be seeing LAC. In the future I will be seeing a lot of movies before they hit the public screens, so I will be able to give you the heads up of what I thought was good, and well I never like to talk bad about anything unless it’s a real dog, so look forward to my ratings of let’s say Popcorn **** I know how original.