Judy has decided that she no longer wants to continue treatment.

When I was a kid these are some of the songs I remember hearing coming out of Judy’s bedroom…(She was in her Alanis Moristte years and spent many hours in her room, a couple times I hid in her closet to see what she and her girlfriends were chatting about, guess I was always nosey.Judy was hugely popular, having been homecoming queen, a cheerleader, on the student board, friendly, and a volunteer at the local hospital. Sometimes when my folks went out for the night, or away for the weekend she would have the best parties in town, and as I lay awake above the patio, the keg and the makeshift dirt backyard dance floor. Elvis Costello semmed to always be on the turntable. I was so excited when I met him years later because of this memory.

Early 80’s
As most of you know my 48 year old sister is battling Ovarian Cancer, but unfortunately OC is winning, and chemo is making the fight so much harder. So after 18 months of a valiant fight my sister has made the selfless decision to stop the chemo so that she will be free of pain and suffering for the holidays and enjoy them with us and her immediate family; and then allow her disease to run it’s course. Judy & Walt have had a love affair marriage for almost 25 years meeting right after college. We of course still appreciate your prayers, and we know miracle’s happen. If you have a chance please visit her “Caring Bridge Page” as some of my readers have done and leave a message, it would be so nice, and of course she will read the ones here too. I know she reads them. She listed under Judy Wilkins

When Judy was a sophomore in high school she won a radio contest and met the musical group Chicago backstage, received all their albums up to that date, so much of the 70’s we heard Chicago piping out of her room. Also the same year she won a helicopter ride to the first day of her sophomore year at Paul VI High School.

Judy just saw Elton John & Billy Joel in concert this past summer. She had a great time.
Judy took me to my first concert, without my parents accompanying me, and it was the Cars. I think I went with a dozen of her friends, and me. It was a lot of fun and nice that she’d let her little brother tag along.

Me, Janine, Crista, Tracy (Wedding dress), Mom, Grandmom, Dad, Margaret, Judy & Ray. We are so lucky to have a really close family.

No teenage girl in the 70’s could do without Carly Simon on their play list

This was a favorite and played often after those Paul VI Dances, although Judy had 1 steady BF for high school, and then another for college, before she met Walt, her soulmate:

Daughter Colleen, Judy (about 2 months after her diagnosis) Walt and daughter Lauren. There’s is such an incredible close family. Judy & Walt were very involved in their kids lives growing up, Judy and Walt between them coached girls hockey, softball, cheerleading, involved in the PTA, School Board, attending all their games. Please keep them at the top of your prayer list.

Judy was in love with Handy Man James Taylor

but she almost broke her knuckle when she found out her first love Bobby Sherman had a girlfriend and punched his poster. (The stud was hanging on a stud.)

Life started looking brighter when Saturday Night Fever came out and she emerged to the Dance Clubs especially Emerald City.

Then she graduated high school, went to nursing school, met Walt and lived happily ever after til now.But we’re gonna have a great time until then…