Champagne & Snow Ball ushering in the busy holiday party season.

The Holiday Season moves into overdrive at the 9th annual Champagne & Snow Ball Saturday night, December 12, 2009 beginning at 8:00 PM. This year the party was held at the Stotesbury Mansion on Rittenhouse Square! The mansion is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1870 by architect Wilson Eyre, Jr. who had been commissioned by Thomas McKean to build a spectacular home for his son, Henry McKean, as a wedding present. Thomas McKean was the namesake and descendent of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
The spirits for the night were provided by Justine Fine and the Premier Hospitality Group providing the Korbel Champagne and as well as Dave Sheckart, creator and owner of Quay Vodka. (pronounced Key Dave told me) As the guests entered they were served by beautiful girls
but it wasn’t this trio consisting of Lauren Beloff, Kristen Foote or Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, who just returned from her month long honeymoon. These two took care of the needs of the guests serving them a bubbly when they arrived. The party was hosted by Chris & Patricia DiGeorge (below), Robert Marcin, John Westrum and Craig Drake. The Champagne and Snow Ball is also a charity event beneffiting children in an orphange in Columbia, where Patricia is from. The proceeds raised by the silent auction will gift about sixty children with their holiday wishes they wrote the baby Jesus; the gifts will be delivered personally on Christmas Eve by Patricia’s family in Colombia. Diana Bogrette, Gabriel Lozano and Elvira Aslanova joined Aly Green, Brett Perloff, Anthony Sembello, The Nouveau Image founder Michelle Miller, Lindsay Furman, Freeman Interior’s Renee and Don Freeman as well as many more to the joyous evening.
The most festive of all Mary Heine, with Dr. Erwann MichelKerjan Managing Director of the Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the Wharton School, and Sandra Au Pfrang
Agustin and Elvira Legido with Marcela & Ignacio Valencia. Dr. Agustin Legido & Ignacio Valencia are Pediatric Neurologist.
Quay Vodka receipes
Artist Caryn Kunkle and her beau Drew Milstein, you couldn’t meet a nicer couple.
Justin Fine of Premier Hospitality Group with a bevy of friends gather near the food provided by Beatrice.
Thanks to the sponsors and folks who donated their services: Lagos; Chef Eric Rippert of Le Bernardin in NYC and 10 Arts in Philly; Garrett Miller & Union Trust Steakhouse; Harrah’s; Scungio Borst Associates; Resorts Atlantic City; Antoine Amrani Chocolates; Trump Entertainment; Ancestro Imports; Craig Spencer & the Philly Ritz Carlton; Nicole Cashman and Cashman & Associates; Hacina Saadi; Steven Starr; Entertainment Attorney Justin Wineburg and Cozen O’Conner; Rower Michele Baymor; Don & Renee Freeman of Freeman Interiors; Photographer Sonya Tokarchyk; Ace Pilot Bernie Bittner; The D’Angelo Family of D’Angelo’s Ristorante; Sharon Pinkenson & the Greater Philadelphia Film Office; Dr. Nelly Silva of Advanced Dentistry; Jason Hsiang and Morgans Hotel Group; White Dog Cafe; Giovanni & Pileggi Salon…. and hopefully more coming! Uber Photographer Hughe Dillon of PhillyChitChat. Many of the items went for over the stated value as folks were thinking of others.
(Which reminds me I have another Charity I would like to collect donations for “Donors are Heroes” Please contact them at Donors r heroes gol @ aol DOT com (no spaces) and tell them PhillyChitChat sent you. The event is 4/16 at the Park Hyatt Bellevue [as I like to call it])
The parlor was on the third floor, which was also the smoking lounge. So if you could make it up there, you deserved a smoke.
Krista and Christopher Gabello. Chris just finished his Varga Girls calendar for Varga Bar (10th & Spruce), It features photos of 12 models made up to look like the “Varga girls,” painted by artist Alberto Vargas, after whom George Anni named Varga Bar. The calendar is available at the restaurant for $15.Janelle Kozyra, Kat Hinkel and Sonya Tokarchyle were dressed to the nines. All are staying close to home for the holidays & are single; I asked about their fav holiday gifts they ever received: Janelle’s fav gift was her first Phillies cap, now she has added plenty of Phillies memorabilia to her collection; A former beau of Kat’s gave her a series of watercolors of their relationship, and Sonya received a favorite doll as a 6 year old. Thanks to Sonya to for a photograph of the City she donated to the silent auction tonight.
Amy Klumpp, Ben Cowen and Rhonda Carlson. Someone’s having a big birthday I overheard one say, and is jetting off to somewhere warm and exciting for the holidays. Wish I were invited.

Julianne Glatz and Noah Hoffman. Julianne needs to wear more of her hats out, I love a stylish hat wearing women.
Noah is looking for a nice girl to take home to mom, someone that’s about 5’8 ++, there must be someone out there for him. Jessica how tall are you?
Zara clad Stephanie Rybczyk brings a little style to the night. With her was sneaker clad beau hottie William Isen, who can get away with that hip style. Sneakers were electric blue.
The dance floor was pretty hot too, there was one couple that I thought I was going to take a hose too but eventually they took the party elsewhere. Guest, Shawn Murray, Owner, Twenty Two Gallery, Photographer Colette Oswald, Will Parker, Lillian Ribeiro, founder of the performance aspect of gaia, a collective of women artists that work actively to support and promote the creativity of local women. and Olha Jmolynets. Olha is heading to Puerto Rico for the New Year.
Erin Elmore and her beau. Reported this week, Erin auditioned for the Danny Bonaduce Show on WYSP. I believe she could be a real contender and she should be, if you have been following along she’s a blast.

Ok off to bed, will finish this in AM after gym if I make it since it’s 3AM right now. Jessica Matthews and Sarah Cooper-Bobersky
Linda and David D’Antonio looking spiffy for the holidays
Looky here it’s my often search Dorothy Krysiuk. Sorry folks I know you often write me or search on her to find out what she’s been up to, but it was NO Comment, but I can tell you she was out with FOX 29 alumni George Mallet, who is currently with TMJ4 in Milwaukee, Wi. Also Billy Becke, Hacina Saadi and Brett Rosenbloom.

Glenn and Maureen Smith, Karen and Al Seiberlich, President at Freedom Enterprise, Inc. All will be hanging with their families for the holidays, although Karen said a last minute ski trip could be in the works.
Making the scene after a night out with the girls at Rouge, Kristin Foote, Michael Smith, guest, Chuck Peruto and Jill Rizen.

Girls I didn’t get your names as you were running out the door to the Del Frisco saturday night party
Lauren Beloff tells me that she picked up this little number at her favorite boutique of late, our friend Sarah Van Aken’s SaVa
Co-Host John Westrum with buddy Justin Wineburgh. Justin tells me that in the coming weeks he will be taking his show on the road to Miami Beach for the winter, he will still be able to carry on his business from that location as it’s only a couple hours from the East Coast Cities and same amount of time from the West Coast. Good luck Justin.

About Midnight I had to call it a night. All in all it was a fantastic night, great crowd, even with the competition of the Pennsylvania Society’s Annual gathering in New York City. If you were lucky enough you caught my play by play action on Twitter under my name iPhillyChitChat ;