AVATAR Philadelphia Screenings & A Movie Review A Must See Movie this Year

I went to see an Avatar preview, which opens TODAY in a theater near you. I was invited so I could review the movie for this blog, plus Tweet about it and also right afterwards the movie company has people who ask the viewers questions. Regular folks get to go to these events too. Last night their were a lot of WMMR radio listener’s that called in and received tickets. At the event last night they had trivia contests and gave away T-Shirts and Lottery Tickets. (interesting eh?) To get free preview tickets join Allied’s Facebook Page here, or follow them on Twitter for local movie buzz, contests and screenings!

Some of my Tweets from last night after seeing Avatar:

I’m not one for sci-fi movies, can’t stand alien movies, not even star wars..but, Avatar is one of the best movies ever hands down!

Mike’s laughing cause I was actually dreading going to a 160 min movie + complained about it as I’m not crazy about scifi stuff. #Avatar

@utobia says Avatar made Batman: Dark Knight look like Tom + Jerry.

I 1st thought Avatar wld b a hard name to sell, but word of mouth will sell movie 2 those who don’t know what an Avatar is.

Mike says I must have liked it, he didn’t hear one snore from me. (Did I ever tell you about the time I fell asleep next to SJP during her husband’s performance in “The Odd Couple” on Broadway?

This movie is geared towards anyone who can appreciate technology, enjoys special effects, humanity and a love story. The audience reation was the same from the 14 yr olds to the 60 yr olds, they enjoyed it.

Avatar the women standing next to me are about 60 yrs old, screaming w/delight. Can’t believe how great it was. Ok I’ll stop now. WOW

Avatar I if u can see it on the Imax Screen in 3D. The special effects could be a movie on it’s own.

Avatar is your must movie this year. It’s a James Cameron movie, the man who brought you Titantic, so you know it’s epic. There’s a great love story, terrific actors, I mean who ever thought Sigourney Weaver would once again be involved with aliens, and so happy for Michelle Rodriguez. I’ve met her a couple times and she is very nice. Glad to see her on the big screen and in such a kick ass role. Then there’s Sam Worthington and well you’ll just have to tune in. Director: James Cameron Starring: Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Giovanni Ribisi

I don’t like to give away plot lines, but if you want to know a bit about the movie there are a series of good interviews with the cast on the LA Times website here.