Lady Sabrina Tamburino Thorne Gaga celebrates her 30th Birthday TODAY!

Lady Sabrina Gaga celebrates her 30th Birthday TODAY!

and what a year she’s had rising from a little known South Philly girl to appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazinepartying it up at the soon to be opened Daniel Stern R2L restaurant on the 37th Floor of Liberty Two, Thats m-o-n-e-y, honey so sexy

Damn, i love the jag, the jet and the mansion
Oh yeah
And i enjoy the gifts and the trips to the islands

Rolling with her Gaga great friends Erin Elmore Gaga, Mama Carol Tamburino Gaga, Tutu Leslie Kozloff Gaga Goldstein and GOP Gaga Sabrina Strickland. (I believe Lady Gaga Sabrina is jetting off this holiday weekend to a warm island for a 3 day.)And i enjoy some fine champagne while my girls toast:
Vicky Martelli and Keren Ini
Tierra topped Tony Rufo Jr, When you touch me, it’s so delicious Lindsay Kravitz, Kristen Foote (who I keep forgetting to ask if she is related to Louise Foote) and Aly Gaga Green
Not too Gaga Jessica Procini, Damn, i love the boat by the beach on the west coast Lauren O’Dorisio and Philadelphia Style Publisher, John Colabelli
You know i appreciate the finer things
But its not what makes me happiest baby
Erin Elmore and Fashionable Lindsay Furman
Speechless Gaga. Love that the lifelong girlfriends got all decked out.

Jessica Procini, John Bolaris and HGTV Designed to Sell’s Shane Tallent no doubt checking out Stubhub for any tickets left for the Lady Gaga Atlantic City Borgata show 1/16/10. Completely sold out, sad for me.
Happy Birthday yesterday to Christopher A. DiGeorge with his wife HAWT GAGA Patricia.
Casual Gaga Lauren Beloff and Anthony Sembello
Vavavoom Gaga Kristin Foote & Nicole Cashman. Nicole Cashman & Associates are throwing the opening party for R2L tomorrow night, so look for the full restaurant exposure in Friday’s PCC.

Mummer Gaga Jim Werner, and beau Gaga Mike, FB Gaga Friend Tanya Tecce with your hot R2L bartender/writer/Greek Gaga Spiro-John Kikrilis

NJ Gaga Jill Rizen, and Kristin Gaga Foote, with Hacina Saadi Parc Gaga, John Westrum

When you give me k-kisses
That’s money honey
Well i’m your lover and your mistress
That’s money honey
When you touch me, it’s so delicious
That’s money honey
Baby when you tell me to pieces
That’s money honey
(This is Lady Gaga’s Material World song, it’s not really about money but the love of a good man)

Philly’s Perez Hilton and his Lady Sabrina Gaga
Happy 30th Birthday Sabrina Tamburino thanks for letting me cover your Fame Ball!!