Happy Birthday Anne Nikolaus as the Twinns Celebrate on the Town

LAST WEEK I attended another fabulous girl on the scene’s birthday, Anne Nikolaus. The party kicked off at Joe Pesce organized by her “Twinnn” Stacey Kracher.

Amber G, Julie Grove, Rhonda Lull (photos), Anne Nikolaus (photos), Lauren Nikolaus Zink (photos), Stacey Kracher, Carly Dignam

Rhonda Lull (photos), Micah Hoffman
The boys Anne Nikolaus and Sasha O’Donnell at G Lounge
Stacey Kracher, Rhonda Lull, guest and Julie Grove

Anne Nikolaus and her squeeze Frank Caruso
THE CAKE! Leopard Louboutin! The girls had a blast closing G lounge and the vault.