Two weeks ago party goers stood in line to enter one of Phillie’s hottest clubs celebrating their 2 years young anniversary. You’ll recall I was there for the opening night party and titled the entry the 6th Boro or something like that as I had just moved back from NYC and well it was on my mind. I got a lot of heat from calling it that, and of course being Philadelphia a majority of naysayers said it would be a flash in the pan, but guess what G Lounge is still going strong when others have fallen by the wayside. It’s still fresh, and fun to go to, and no doubt one of the clubs that has a scene if you want to be seen. On any particular night you may see a celebrity or a Philebrity or two or a dozen hanging out in the VIP section or Mogul room. On this particular evening Jayde Nicole teamed up with Jessica Hall for promotional efforts at the G Lounge to celebrate its two year anniversary with a fete sponsored by Playboy Energy Drinkand Azunia Tequila.
Jayde Nicole (born February 19, 1986)[2] is a Canadian model. She was Playboy‘s Playmate of the Month for January 2007 and was named the 2008 Playmate of the Year in the June issue of the men’s magazine.[3] She is the first Canadian Playmate of the Year in 26 years, and the third over all, the previous two being Dorothy Stratten and Shannon Tweed.[4]The Azunia Tequila girls L=R Lark Dinardo, Diana Aponte, and Megan Dolan

Brett Milstein, Drew “The Mayor” Carballo and Steve Tutelman. Brett & Steve are the new faces of management at the G lounge whose goals are to continuing to meet the needs of their customers by creating a fun place for them to party. Drew helps Christopher Nork hold down the fort at Denim, which is now owned by the G lounge folks. Making it a nice one two punch of a night as you can enjoy your earlier nite at the G then head over to Denim to finish the night off. Tell the Mayor PhillyChitChat sent you, he’s a great guy and can meet your VIP needs or answer any questions you may have.
Danny Govberg poses with the lovely ladies. Playmates Jayde Nicole and Jessica Hall, who is also host of Playboy Radio. Recently I informed you that the G at G Lounge stands for Govberg. Danny is one of the major investors in the club. Besides being a Playmate Jayde was also in The Hills reality show when she was dating Brody Jenner, who is brothers with Kim Kardashian, who was in the Philly area last night appearing on QVC hawking something.
Mark Marek, part of the G team from day one, and Kate Carmack enjoy the nights festivities. Mark looks tan and relax having just returned from a long vacation in a warm climate.
Mysterious, Adrian Diaz and Andria. (So sweet Adrian is a long time reader of PCC, thanks)
Stacey Kracher, Amber G and Anne Nikolaus

Lauren, AJ and Jason enjoying the VIP area
Jayde has started a charity called Lengths for Love that, like Locks of Love, encourages people to donate their hair to be made into wigs for pediatric patients in need. Jessica Hall is also a model in LA, according to Model Mayhem here measurements are 34-25-35
A few guys getting their dance on
“On the Morning After” show Jessica who travels the world in search of the hottest parties. Listen in on all the sexy gossip and wild adventures. Featuring a tantalizing special guest each week! Think you can handle us??? Tune in every Monday 10am west and 1pm east! Give us a call with your wildest party stories 877-205-9796 or email us radio@playboy.comJayde signing her spread in Playboy
More than one reviewer on City Search states that Glounge has the best ambiance in the city, great music and quality drinks. The venue itself deserves 5 enthusiastic stars. Personally I think it’s a great club, good music, and the folks I see really seem to enjoy themselves. One of it’s best attractions of the club is the various rooms with seating, and you don’t have to get bottle service to occupy them. If you can afford the Bottle Service that’s a plus too, cause there’s nothing better than looking over the crowd and picking the spot you want to shake your booty or perhaps spot the next booty you want to shake yours next too.Of course the best spot to be is in the Vault “Mogul Room”, although there’s no view of the dance floor there you might catch a glimpse one of Philly’s sports figures like single hottie Stewart Bradley (although you would be a double threat if you were Mormon),

or AI, national sports figures, rapper Snoop Dogg, actor Gerard Butler and let’s face it if a celebrity is in town they go to the G Lounge and I try and be there to get the shot and share it with you and frankly the world. (The other good thing about the Mogul Room, what happens in the Mogul Room, stays in the Mogul Room.)
111 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103-5114 (215) 564-1515