Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW invaded PHILLY this week Taylors Nightclub (In Jersey) and then Tavern on Broad Street

Johnny Knockout Entertainment presents: the Fight the Beat Party with JWoww at Taylors in Cherry Hill last Tuesday night. I had never been to Taylor’s or Top Dog as it was known, and was really impressed at how nice it was set up, the sound system, downstairs is a restaurant with beer pong tables set up. A virtual young adult playground. In the summer there’s a nice patio too.

Stephanie McKelvey and her husband Matt McKelvey enjoy their night out at Taylors
Erin Marie Gallagher loves Wired 96.5 on Tuesday and you can always find her hanging with Heather Houser and Ashley Bush on the dancefloor. Two out of the three girls are single, Erin being one of them. You can find her easily as her name is tattooed on her back.
Jillian Schaefer and Colette Primo get hosed down by the light so Johnny Knockout’s videographer can get shots to show on his website.

Amanda Lyon tends the beer bar at the top of the steps and wants to service you. Who wouldn’t want to stop by and say hi, she’s a beauty. Remember to tip your bartenders please!!
Somebody call 911
Shawty fire burning on the dance floor
I gotta cool her down

Justin Roc Kstar and Kannon from Wired 96.5. It was great to see Kannon as it had been too long. Johnny Knockout was super cool and throws a great party. Look at this crowd…
She won’t bring the roof to ground on the dance floor
She’s fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor
That little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor
Jenni “JWoww” Farley was living it up at the Wired 96.5 Tuesday Night shindig produced by party promoter Johnny Knockout. The Jersey Shore babe sported a cleavage-baring red dress as she mingled with guests at Taylor’s nightclub in Cherry Hill, NJ (my hometown, although I’m from the East Side; I just had to say that everyone always asks.) on right Justin Roc Kstar JWoww wowed the crowd and must have posed with over 200
of the 1000 folks that gathered.

@iPhillyChitChat RT @kannon965: Me and @JENNIWOWW chillin at Taylors (via @JENNIWOWW) awww thx for the RT Jenni
Show Time: Jenni JWoww Farley is ready to judge the Hottest Abs Contest at Midnight as Justin Roc Kstar
OMG eye candy
The other big name there that night was Ed Hardy. He could have open up a shop in the lobby and scooped up more money than Parx’s Casino on Christmas Eve.

And the winner is Troy Hood of Cherry Hill, NJ. His sister was standing right next to me and told me her brother was going to win the contest and she was right. That’s who JWoww is waving to. Troy won two tixs to the Black Eyed Peas concert Wednesday Night, with backstage meeting privileges, which would explain why they were so late getting to the after party where I waited and waited.
J-WOWW is squeezing her 15 minutes of fame out cause after she left Taylor’s she zipped up to NYC to film a VH1 Show on dating which will be on the air in April, then she flew out to LA to join up with The Situation, Pauly D, Snooki and the rest of the gang where the cast appeared in a bit on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night, then it was back to Philly to appear at Tavern on Broad Street to host Spring Break Week – WHEW, girl needs a vacation, but she knows how fleeting fame is. She’s not dumb at all, it’s just a character she plays. (PS I was planning to shoot the event on Thursday night, but I was beat.) Remember this weekend, The Red Ball on Saturday night, The Oscar Viewing Party on Sunday, and

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