Modern, stylish, delicious. Penne brings you the finest regional Italian cuisine, focusing on local and seasonal ingredients. Our pasta chef handcrafts unique delights before your eyes – in a setting that’s warm and whimsical. More than 100 regional Italian wines handpicked by our Master Sommelier and an outstanding bar menu. We’re Italian made fresh. Last Friday my friends Janita and Jessiah Styles invited Mike and I (& 2 other friends) to this special cooking class dinner held about 4 times year, where Chef Roberta Adamo prepares your meal right before your eyes. After stints at the B100.3 as a DJ, and three years as a Phillies Ball Girl Janita has been out of the spotlight for a bit raising their daughter Jacodi (No she’s not thinking of a sib for Jacodi yet, don’t ask her). Jessiah’s been busy with his production company. In the past 2 years has produced HBO’s “The Black List”, and is just about to launch a talented young man’s career, “The Show” in a couple weeks.

Chef Roberta tells me that these dinners are her charity specialties as she donates them to organizations to put in their Silent Auction and then about 4 – 5 times a year she will cook for the winners. Our meal included Sweet Potato Ravioli, if I didn’t die and got to heaven. So delish. Then Cape May Seared Scallops, with a Orecchiette and Kennet Square Mushroom. A Rack of Lamb, and finally for dessert…
Her’s wasn’t a planned career, but when the chef at her former husband’s restaurant left unexpectedly, it was Roberta Adamo who jumped in to begin making pasta with a recipe she found in a cookbook and childhood memories of making pasta at her grandmother’s side. It was here that the happy accident of Roberta’s Pasta Chef Career began.
Chef Roberta Adamo went into great detail of the flour that would be used in some of our dishes. She makes all the pasta by hand forgoing a machine like even the chefs in Italy sometimes use now.
as well as explaining how she came up with this delicious desert, Dark Chocolate gelato and blood red orange sobert with a pignoli cookie. And it’s all made with Capagiro Gelato. It’s not on the regular menu, she only makes it for special occasions and I guess this was our night.
Chef Roberta Adamo is not only an expert in pasta, but her stories kept us entertained for hours. I hope that you are at the next Charity Auction when this item comes up for bid, I suggest you snap it up quickly as it’s quite a delicious experience. In fact the next event she is participating in is the Paws Chefs Dinner at the Union League in June.