The Art of the Steal, a timely film, unique to the Philadelphia area (here are the Showtimes in Philly). I didn’t have the opportunity to see it, but I did cover the after party.

Here are three excited people involved in the film, which is about The Barnes Foundation moving to the City, and it’s neighbors in Merion who fought to keep it there, and respect Alfred Barnes Will.

Sheena Joyce, Producer “Art of the Steal”, Lisa Schwartz, EVP, IFC Films and Director Don ArgottMary Heine, Ross Mitchell and Jill Govberg. Ross was one of the neighbors that appeared in the film.
Joan Bressler and Michael Lopatin
Now some of them worry what will become of the empty Barnes facility, most hope it will remain as a teaching facility, or worse it become dorms for St. Joe’s College?

“Real Clear Arts” by Judith H. Dobrzynski on Culture
Can This Documentary Save The Barnes? A Sneak Peak. The countdown begins: On Feb. 26, The Art of the Steal — Don Argott’s documentary about the struggle for the control of the Barnes Foundation — opens in theaters (two days after it can be seen on demand) in New York and Philadelphia. Cool Kids: Reggie Berry and Jackim “Jackey” Wright; these two are keeping it cool at Strongbox every Tuesday night. Their party is so successful they run a list, and you either have to know them, or be well connected to pass thru the doors as it’s standing room only every week. Bottle Service available by reservation and they go quickly.Andrew Greenblatt and guest. Andrew is director of the The Philadelphia Film Society which is preparing for the Presentation of the Philadelphia Film Festival Spring Preview, Presented by Pennsylvania Hospital: 3-Day Free Preview Event Will Take Place April 9 – April 11 at the Prince Music Theater
Attorney’s Justin Wineburgh and Allison Binder. Justin is spending the remaing chilly winter days in Florida, but looks forward to returning to Philly in a few weeks. So jealous. Allison runs her practice in Beverly Hill, Ca and has her hands in many of the projects that end up on the big screen, so jealous. She reads PhillyChitChat to keep up to date with the going ons in our fair town, thanks:)
Michael and Joanne Fitzgerald
“The Tangled Case of the Barnes Foundation and Its Art Treasures: Don Argott…Talks About his New Film,” by Eric Kohn in Speakeasy, an arts blog from The Wall St. Journal