April 1 is National Census Day – Probably picked this day on purpose cause only a fool wouldn’t be counted cause it effects their lives in ways they probably don’t have a clue about, like voting districts and the distribution of funds. It happens only once in 10 years. When you receive the census form, please fill it out and mail it in. It is important that complete those forms accurately and send them in because many policy decisions, fund allocations to the cities and counties, as well as election redistricting decisions will be based on the data collected in those forms. In addition, if you receive visitors at home from the Census Bureau, please help them get an accurate count and accurate information. Before you accept anybody into your house however, please ask and view their badges and documents carefully. For more information, please visit:

Responses to the 2010 Census questionnaire should include everyone who is living at the household as of April 1. It is not too late to mail in your 2010 form. For every 1 percent increase in participation by mail, the Census Bureau can save taxpayers $85 million by not having to send census takers door to door. If every household mailed back its Census form, the cost of taking the census would be reduced by $1.5 billion.

Earlier this month Ruben Studard joined Steve Harvey at the Kimmel Center to raise Census Awareness.
Ruben breaking out a song.
Ruben Studard, co-host and Steve Harvey answer audience questions. This summer Ruben is touring with Clay Aiken throughout the states and Europe.
Remember today, April 1 is National Census Day, a day when all residents are encouraged to fill out and mail back their U.S. Census forms, if they haven’t already done so.