Zanna Roberts Rassi, Italian Trade Commission looks on as Marie Clair’s Sr Fashion Editor Aniello Musella greets the crowd at Boyd’s and explains about the exciting new Italian fashion and Style
Jeff Glass, Co-Owner of Boyds, with Alexa Wilson, Marketing Director of Marie Clare Magazine, Zanna Roberts Russi, Sr Fashion Editor of Marie Claire and Aniello Musella, Trade Commissioner of the Italian Trade Commission
Samantha Sclueltz, Lauren Hering, Fran D’Ambrosia, and Jessica
Kristen Foote and your name is on the tip of my tongue darn it. None the less, hot fashion. I love what Kristen is wearing mixing it up black and white like a fine milk shake.
My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard,
and they’re like,
its better than yours,
damn right its better than yours
Matthew Vlahos who is working very hard on the 20th Anniversary of Dining Out For Life. Check my column in the Philadelphia Magazine Online Thursday for a special dinner on April 29, 2010. Guest, Diane Johnson, Nina Tinari, Jimmy Contrerars, and Mia Tinari. Not picture, Christian DiCicco as he was chowing down at The Oyster House. Have you been there lately. Beautiful. What a huge difference it was when they opened up the place and got decent windows.
Donna Coughlin, always very generous in keeping me in the loop, and her beau Charlie P
Jen Utley and Nicole Cashman. People Jen did not pose for Playboy nor does she live in Haddonfield, NJ. Please leave those poor people alone and refrain from sending them jersey’s to sign.