And I was there. It was a great night. Packed with lots of fun people that weren’t too out of control.
Tara Nurin states: You know your country’s cuisine has come a long way when a restaubar advertises its menu as “Great American Pub” style then fills it with hummus, chorizo and wok-fried pot stickers alongside of its Carolina fish & chips and St. Louis BBQ ribs. If one’s looking for that elusive all-American feel, though, this is it.
A sprawling space on the bottom floor of an office building, this highly polished wood-and-brass pub shuffles in its power broker financial attorneys for co-worker lunches and meet market happy hours, then gives way to post-post-frat house DJ parties and equally testosterone-scented and preppy football viewings.
Public Houses’ GM Dino Minelli and wife Carrie Nork Minelli
Guest, Reggie Berry, Jacky Wright, and the Mayor join the crowd for the anniversary party. Reggie was doing a little celebrating himself as it was his birthday.

I should have done some cropping in this picture to focus on the beauty that is Laura Powers, Christie Honigman, Michelle Rossi-Simoni and Elisha Rampolla. Laura works for KB Consultants and today’s a big day for them as their client Le Merdian opens their doors to the public. Read all about their drink menu in my column today.
Aly Green and crew including Jason Dills and Craig Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Nork, who just returned from their honeymoon with Diana & John Martinelli.

RJ Cacciutti, Maha Malecka, Joanna Jatkowska and John Johnson
Vatche Manoukian and Kristie Gonzales, flanked by Darlene Monzo, Jim Gabriele,
Jen Sherlock and Jill Murphy
Carson Andre, Samantha J, Zach Seidman, Kelli Disanto and Dustin Lotter. The three folks in the center all work at Dusk at Caesars in AC. Look for Brody Jenner to make a return appearance in the next few weeks. He makes the girls scream!!
Julie Bartolomeo, Katie Czaplicki, friend, Arthur Kade. Julie and Arthur met the day before when they were both extras in the film Dark Fields. In one scene Julie bumps into Bradley Cooper, she said it was well worth the bruising.