Doug Kammerer Celebrates 53 Years at Roosevelt Pub

Thanks everyone for bearing with me as I try and find a balance between my Philly Mag column and Philly Chit Chat. Currently I realize I am about a solid week behind in writing events that happened as I will always put the pixs on the Philly Mag blog first with the bulk of the interesting stories, but that’s only going to be 3 pixs at a time. Here on PCC you will always get at least 7 shots, and a different story where possible.

A few days ago I wrote on my Philly Mag Column about attending Doug Kammerer’s birthday party. I was so excited to share in his evening and capture a few moments.
Nicole Brewer
Jen Groove, Kaci Mintz and Lindsay Kravitz
CBS3’s high-energy traffic reporter Bob Kelly. He always makes traffic interesting with his quirky terms like”you must turn around Lavern” or rockety roll. Today he reminds us that it’s National School Nurse Day, so thank your school nurse. (On a different note, Mayor Nutter recommends we all wear orange and black today in support of the Flyers.)
Doug comes in to the delight of his guests
Owner of Roosevelt’s Pub at 23 and Walnut, Ellis Walding tells me that Doug’s a good friend and comes in often to hang out and play cards. Hey I like to play cards, maybe I’ll come by one day.
Mr and Mrs Kellen Economy, with Jenn and Jimmy Connor
Jessica Scott, Doug and Jamie Reibenbach. Jamie recently left Mission Grill and is starting a career in Real Estate, we wish her well. Here comes trouble…
Bill Becker, Brett Rosenbloom, Justin Wineburg and Michael Pomeretze

Randal, GM at Sampan, Julio Galvez and one of the nicest guys around Drew Milstein.
Erin Como, with a guy she dated when she was 14 and then reconnected years later, Danny Schuyler, who says never get a tattoo on your neck as it hurts like hell with Lewis Ratti and his wife Leah Como
Denise Nakano joined NBC 10 News on July 28, 2003, as weekend anchor; then in Oct 2006 she began anchoring for myphl17 news at ten powered by NBC 10. She continues to report on NBC 10 News; hanging with Doug. Doug wins he’s in the most pictures tonight, it is his birthday afterall.
Justin Pizzi and former girlfriend of 3 dates Erin Como. They’re now BFF’s
Rose Miller, John Libonati, Zac Lowe, Gina Priest and Dave Yost
Roosevelt’s was packed with lots of well wishers for Doug.
Happy Birthday Doug, with wife Holly Roehl Kammerer who planned and executed the whole shindig, and did a great job.. One of my favorite pictures. The cake says 53, but in reality Doug is 35 and someone was dyslexic or just funny.