Murder Mystery Dinner Party at Lippincott Hotel in Rittenhouse Sqaure

In 1890, Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine published Sir Anthony Conan Doyle’s second installment of Sherlock Holmes. Today, Lippincott House honors its literary legacy by bringing the famous detective back to Philadelphia in a new Murder Mystery series!Lippincott House lies in the heart of Philadelphia, one block from Rittenhouse Square. This exquisite grand mansion, constructed in 1897, combines 19th century grace with 21st century comfort. Guests enjoy wireless internet and satellite television in the shadow of authentic Victorian fireplaces. Bookings are limited to 4 rooms, allowing our guests complete privacy as they enjoy Lippincott House’s historic artwork, architecture, and atmosphere.
Bob Graeff and Jackie Brown
Whether your flair for sleuthing stems from reading Agatha Christie novels or playing Colonel Mustard, enjoy a witty and amusing performance featuring detective Holmes in our 19th century mansion off Rittenhouse Square. Murder Mystery guests mingle amongst the four-stories of Lippincott’s mansion from the Conservatory to the Billiards room. Delicious cocktails, full bar and cuisine designed and served by Philadelphia caterer b*smiths gourmet catering.

Lippincott House co-owner Mary Beth Hallman and writer Thom Nickels
Jeannie Barbuscia, Dana Andrews, Maryanne and Jim Brossard
Elisabeth Roland and Joanne Cohen love a good mystery.
Appetizers, dinner, drinks and dessert is served through out the evening.

Mary Beth tells me that there might be one ghost that haunts the house, and haunt is a harsh word as it’s to former original owner who passed away years ago. Occasionally they hear her, but more often she just draws a bath on an upper floor and the faucet needs to be turned off.
Victoria Wyeth, Lori Panossian, Brett Jones, Meredith Jones and Richard James
The Lippencott format is interactive where you mingle with other guests. You become a part of the mystery, and towards the end you get to guess the murderer and win a token prize.
The first Murder Mystery Night took place on Thursday, April 22. Further evenings are scheduled for June 10, September 23, October 14, October 28, December 2 and December 16. Private groups can also be accommodated. Book your visit here: