HOT CONDO FOR SALE IN OLD CITY – Perfect for the Stanley Cup Bound Philadelphia Flyers

These days there are a lot of hot properties on the market that aren’t getting the exposure they need, but some folks have been solving that problem by having hot parties to show them off. One such party was held a few weeks ago at a condo at 3rd & Chestnut. The condo was more like a party palace as the first floor had a full-size bar, fireplace, huge sitting area and a swimming pool, too. It’s more likely to appear on MTV Cribs than in Metropolitan Home.

Affectionately known as “The Grotto” you get your own indoor swimming pool. (Girls not included.)
Flyers Mike Richards (maybe he’ll pick it up after winning the Stanley Cup), guest, Michelle Miller, CEO The Nouveau Image, Ryan Dorsey, owner of Recess
The house features a full bar, game area and lounge off of the swimming pool on the first floor. Opposite of the bar is a door that leads to the pool, and then it’s up the stairs or a push of a button for the elevator
On the 2nd floor there’s an outside concrete deck area which overlooks 3rd Street
Master Bedroom off of the deck area on the 2nd floor. New Orleans Saints football player Jahri Evans and his agent and local Voorhees, NJ guy Jerrold Colton flanked by some friends. Jahri ended up renting the space for a few months.

Meredith Fertig, Tim Derstein, Kate Nunsessa and Dave Yike find a cozy seat in the breakfast nook
one of the kitchens
a bedroom with French doors and balcony which over looks
the living room.
Even though it was a Saturday night, at 3rd & Chestnut, I was surprised how little street noise could be heard even though we were in the heart of Old City.
Master Bath has a French balcony
Each bathroom comes with a jacuzzi
It’s a playground for adults.
Chris Werley, Jamie Lugo, Emily Ford, Brian Ruht and Ralph Juchheim
Michelle Miller and Josh DeMarco.
Also at the party was Phillies Jimmy and Johari Rollins, music producer Duvell Bottoms, movie producer David Bond (Alfa Dog and The Notebook), and Recess’s co-owner Ryan Dorsey
I love this space. There’s a mini bar to the right. Beautiful floors. Later in the night the living room became a dance floor
Here’s the outdoor area which overlooks 3rd Street and is hidden from Chestnut Street. There are doors that lead to the kitchen as well as the family room.
Another shot of the bar area downstairs near the pool
Talk about a VIP VIP hideout downtown Philadelphia.
A bit of a speakeasy, as it’s hard to find the “front door” to the place
The condo is for sale—a steal at $1.9 million says our host/OCF Realty agent Joshua Villwock.