Frog Commissary Steve Poses Comes Out

Last night I walked by the Franklin Institute
and saw that the tent was up next to the giant airplane outside the Franklin Institute: Caterer and pioneering restaurateur Steve Poses is getting ready for Saturday’s soft-opening of Frog Burger, serving burgers, fries, crab cakes and shakes. The reason I say coming out is for the past 20 years he’s been the caterer for the Franklin Institute. Now he’s ready to step back into a public foray of selling his wares outside the Institution. The new eatery is located smack dab on the Franklin Museum’s front lawn. I guess regulations are against actually buildings being built along the parkway, historic area, art commission approval, red tape?
As of last night there was no sidewalk in place to reach the tented burger place, so leave your Jimmy Choos at home. The closing time of the burger palace is 8PM. Officially opening day is Flag Day, June 14. I love the idea and look forward to burgers for dinner as it’s on the route home for me. UPDATE: I’ve eaten here 3x’s. The burgers which come with lettuce, tomato and onions, are delish, about $6.50 with cheese. Free pickles though, and the good kind.
Check out Michael Klein’s column for more details and the Menu