Before you head to the shore, and after you’ve read Philly Chit Chat, read my column in Philly Mag Online today about last nights party at Union Trust. Have a great weekend.

Last night Union Trust threw their 1 year anniversary party. On a much smaller scale than the grand opening and with a more intimate crowd who enjoyed cocktails and appetizers in The Mezz.
Greeting the guests were Rosalina Iannucci, Vera Masi and Pam Valentino

Julia Bart, with Ron Hansen and The Nouveau Image PR CEO Michelle Miller

François Pierre and Hacina Saadi were inseparable for the evening.

Peter Klier, Michelle Sergio and Scott Stein. Michelle

Michelle A. Smiley, Property Manager at The Murano and Michael Narciso, Analyst at Hill International Real Estate Partners, LP

Andi Pesacov and Tina Wilson.
Kerri Smith and Garrett MillerRobert Mendelson and Tracy Allen
Marlena Schaefer and Staci Hagenbough wrap up the filming on the Bradley Cooper/Robert De Niro filming today. They recognized me as one of the paparazzi that were getting shots of the filming. They, like I hope you will call the Gov, and legislative houses to urge the film tax Credit program continues.
Christy Adams, Nicole Gerson, Meredith Seigle and Dana Spain
Janice Lin and Heather Seok

Jessica Concannon and Chad Boonswang. Chad always has some beautiful blond on his arm.
The Twinns: A beaming Stacey Kracher and Anne Nikolaus. Last Friday we were all at Union Trust celebrating Stacey’s bday. Good times.
The place was packed with lots of regulars, a few investors and friends.

Bersiana Kuri, David Bond, Heather Seitz and Robin Stellwagen were enjoying a lot of laughs.
Kristie Bergey, Garrett Miller (partner in Union Trust) and Audrey Julienne

Business partners in PR Scott Stein and Peter Breslow
Kerri Smith, Hacina Saadi, Janice Lim, Courtney Grant and Jessica Concannon