Libertella Annual Picnic – My Mom’s side of the family, with a few Dillon (Visalli’s) attending.
A couple years back my mom decided to start an annual Memorial Day Family Reunion Picnic. I usually write about it here on Philly Chit Chat. My mom is one of 4 kids, but both she and her brother had 7 kids, and her two sisters had 2 kids. Now we all have children, well most of us at least, so the gatherings had become unmanageable, until a few years back when we started meeting in this park in Glassboro NJ. Got That? (I know my cousin is not going to like this picture, but the rest of you don’t know who it is.)
I didn’t take as many pictures this year; it was hot and well remember I was on a staycation from my camera. Here is left to right, my aunt mary (dad’s sister), my mom and my niece Colleen (Judy & Walt’s daughter). Colleen was brave she brought her boyfriend for us all to meet.
My cousin Tina Fitzgerald and Carla Fine. They are filling the canolli’s cause that’s how this Irish/Italian family rolls. Is that the beginning of a faux hawk?
My niece Lauren (Judy & Walt’s daughter) with her long time boyfriend Mike.

Nephew Dillon (Margaret and Frank’s son)My cousin by marriage Kelly. She and her husband own a farm in Elk Twp on Rt 538. She runs the farm stand where I used to work as a kid every August. She tells me that Blueberries are just starting, and corn is going to be early this year as the weather was warm this spring.
Lauren and my niece Ella. Some of you will remember that Ella was born with a tumor on her kidney and Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania successfully removed in when she was only 4 days old.
My cousin Ray Massi (by marriage) and his son with wife Marianne, playing football. In next week’s Time Magazine, the Massi Family is written about as they have adopted 3 Russian boys. I know they will talk about the difficulties, learning and culturally, but they would never have sent their child back to Russian like that women did recently.

The Matriarch’s of the family, Aunt Angie (sitting), my mom in white and my Aunt Rosie. We were also excited to have our Uncle Charlie and Aunt Chris. Aunt Chris had a medical set-back in October and is still recovering, but made it to the annually event.