Justin’s Quest aims to raise $250,000 for National Brain Tumor Society & A LOT OF HOT ON PENNS LANDING INCLUDING DOWN THE SHORE WITH THE PHILLY GIRLS

Saturday June 26, 2010

Whatcha all waiting for in this 97F heat?Actors Jackson Rathbone

and Nicola Peltz attended an autograph-signing at Wawa’s Welcome America at Penn’s Landing for their movie The Last Airbender, which opens July 1st. (In The Twilight Saga, Jackson Rathbone plays Jasper Hale.) (Parts of this article appeared in my Philly Mag column Monday.)
The day was hot, and eventually Nicola picked up that table fan and held it a few inches from her face.

3 guys from the Welcome America Crew waiting for their next assignment: Pat McCue, Chuck McCue and Kevin Ferry, on their perch girl watching?
If they had just turned around they would have seen the hot foursome (with George Anastasia) : Down The Shore Emily Reppert, Entela Zemanay, Erin Como and Tanya Smith.
A few young fans were excited to meet them. Catch their weekly reports about what is hot down the shore. Also hot at is anything Marnie Hall reports. Marnie is a natural, which came as a shock to her as she had always worked behind the scenes in the media. One day the original host wasn’t available and on a producer’s (maybe Jim Barry) hunch Marnie got in front of the camera, and a star was born. (I’d have a link here but I couldn’t find poor Marnie’s)
Chad Murray and Jeff Fagerstrom enjoying the day as they headed over to ” NBA & Sprite Find The Best Amateur Dunkers In The U.S.”
can she make it
76er Thaddeus Young poses with two young fans Gabriel and Matthew Remch, as their mother Dr. Diala Toure takes their picture.
Former 76er Darryl Dawkins was at The Sprite/Kia Basketball Dunk Contest. He posed for a few pictures and signed autographs
Thad Young and Former 76er Darryl Dawkins pose with Joey Friedlander whose brother is Justin Friedlander a boy diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last March 2009.
Justin Friedlander, age 13, with his mission to shoot 63,000 baskets, one for every person in the US who’s diagnosed with a primary brain tumor each year. Justin’s Quest aims to raise $250,000 for the National Brain Tumor Society.
Less than two months after his diagnosis, Justin had helped to raise nearly $50,000 through the Race for Hope in D.C. to help with brain tumor research. Later in 2009, he started Justin’s Quest, with a goal of finding a cure for brain tumors.
His 63,000th shot will be done at the NBA All-Star Game in February. Until then, folks can help him achieve his goal—as long as he is present on the foul line, even shots that others throw count towards his goal.
His parents Jon and Audrey told me that he is currently up to 14,619. At home his brothers Jacob, Joey and Jordan help him with the free throws.
Philly helped him get over the 15,000th mark.
On Saturday 76er Thaddeus Young took the first shot toward Saturday’s target of 500 baskets, which they achieved.

Shooting with Michael Phleps