20th Annual Stu Bykofsky Candidates Comedy Night – Funny Videos of the Night

Yesterday on my Philly Mag Column I wrote about Stu’s Annual Event.
Joe Conklin was hysterical channelling Mayor Nutter, Bill Clinton and Gov Rendell:
check out the video from Stu Bykoski’s Comedy Night

Dan Onorato, a little stiff, kinda funny, not as ugly as people had told me

My Winner for the Night: Dr. Manan Trivedi, Democratic congressional candidate for the 6th District (A Democrat he takes Murphy, Schwartz & Sestak to task)

He grew up in a rural area of Berks County. He joked that when he was a kid and went cow tipping, he then had to worship the cow. He also said: Since he and his brother were the only Indian-Americans at their school, they had the weight of the entire spelling bee team on their shoulders; he was voted most likely to own a convenience store; and his yearbook quote was “Thank you, come again.”