If you’re having an over the top birthday or celebration or your an event planner, florist or you rent tables, shoot me an email maybe I will come out and cover it for PhillyChitChat or my column in; My girls never forget to include me in on their fun and I appreciate it.

Did you know you can have a custom made Ice Sculpture at your place, you can. I think that’s such a neat idea. This one costs about $150 and it’s custom with both Lesley & Monique for their birthday party last Friday.I have my ice sculpture picked out when I have my party, hope they deliver. They also do full bars. Seriously funny website as they were able to get their entire description in
Nick & Heather Heo hang. Happy Birthday Heather on Tuesday
Lesley Kozloff-Goldstein and her fun mom Judi Kozloff
Monique Crawford, Lesley Kozloff-Goldstein, Erin Elmore, and Danielle Krupta enjoy their fun Chuck Taylor themed party.
Rob Dailey and Monique practice their best “Christmas Story” Kid licks ice cold pole as they enjoy vodka from the luge. Rob and Monique are now an item, so guys you missed your chance on one of Philly’s hot young fun girls.

The Thornes of Philadelphia Sabrina and Steve with Joe and Angela Val, and Lesley and Ed GoldsteinDanielle Krupta and a dapper fellow
Erin Elmore and her upstairs neighbor. Monique Crawford preparing to play champage pong,
cause that’s how they roll here at the Waterfront Square Condos.

Danielle and her beau Michael Usowski
Wharton Boys: Steve Weiner, Timy Lucey, Ryan Feit and Jake Roffman

Kristen Foote and Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne

always create fireworks where ever they go…