RANDOM SHOTS TODAY – I finally was able to get the new BB to work with uploading

Kevin and his pet frog

My niece see Justin Beiber right before she closes her eyes to sleept
Doodles is adorable
What rocket scientist changed the time from AM to PM?
Al Lee
Al Lee

The Schuylkill is a pain, but add this and it’s hours of waiting in traffic
A back to school sale for a mattress?
Obama Fading
Fake flowers
This guy is an iconic figure on the center city streets. Selling hats and umbrellas on 17th near Walnut for at least 15 years. We used to live in the same building when I first moved to Philly.
I think everyone should give a dollar to musician’s, well unless they’re drummers.
Hmm Anne Rice she just quit belonging to an organized religion; she’s still a Christian.